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Information Security Policy

Lone Star College System District
Board Policy Manual

Fourth Edition

Table of Contents: Section VIII - Information Security

VIII.A. Information Security

VIII.A.1. Information Security Policy

  • VIII.A.1.01 Policy Objective
  • VIII.A.1.02 Policy Statement
  • VIII.A.1.03 Scope of Policy
  • VIII.A.1.04 Policy Applicability
  • VIII.A.1.05 Definitions

VIII.A.2. Use of Computer Systems

  • VIII.A.2.01 Policy Statement
  • VIII.A.2.02 System Property
  • VIII.A.2.03 Email Privileges
  • VIII.A.2.04 Confidentiality
  • VIII.A.2.05 Accountability
  • VIII.A.2.06 Records
  • VIII.A.2.07 Prohibited Use
  • VIII.A.2.08 Overloading of Computer Resources

VIII.A.3. Requirements to Safeguard Information

  • VIII.A.3.01 Policy Statement
  • VIII.A.3.02 Security Responsibilities
  • VIII.A.3.03 Attempts to Circumvent Security
  • VIII.A.3.04 Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • VIII.A.3.05 Incident Response
  • VIII.A.3.06 Third Party Access
  • VIII.A.3.07 Security Audits
  • VIII.A.3.08 Information Security Training and Awareness
    • VIII.A.3.08.1 Information Security Awareness
    • VIII.A.3.08.2 Information Security Training

VIII.A.4. Protection of Confidential Information

  • VIII.A.4.01 Policy

VIII.A.5. Roles and Responsibilities

  • VIII.A.5.01 Board of Trustees
  • VIII.A.5.02 Security Management
  • VIII.A.5.03 Security Policy and Compliance Governance
  • VIII.A.5.04 Security Operations
  • VIII.A.5.05 Information Owners
  • VIII.A.5.06 Technology System Owners
  • VIII.A.5.07 Users

VIII.A.6. Compliance

VIII.A.7. Enforcement

VIII.A.8. Policy Variance/Exception

LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 5, 2011