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Governance and Board of Trustees Policy

Lone Star College System District
Board Policy Manual

Fourth Edition

Table of Contents: Section I - Governance and Board of Trustees


I.A.1. Legal Status of Texas Public Junior Colleges and/or Districts

  • I.A.1.01 Status Derived from Texas Constitution and Education Code
  • I.A.1.02 Definition

I.A.2. LSCS Legal Status

  • I.A.2.01 District Established
  • I.A.2.02 District Name
  • I.A.2.03 Change of Name
  • I.A.2.04 Junior College District Service Areas
  • I.A.2.05 New Campuses or College Districts
  • I.A.2.06 Extension of District Boundaries

I.A.3. System Foundations

  • I.A.3.01 System Purpose
  • I.A.3.02 System Program Offerings
  • I.A.3.03 Statement of Mission
  • I.A.3.04 Value Statements
  • I.A.3.05 Biennial Review
  • I.A.3.06 Multi-cultural Education
  • I.A.3.07 Multi-College Operating Philosophy

I.A.4. Institutional Effectiveness

  • I.A.4.01 Plan

I.A.5. Administrative Organization Plan

  • I.A.5.01 Governance Structure
  • I.A.5.02 Participatory Governance

I.A.6. Equal Educational and Employment Opportunities – Policy

  • IA.6.01 Non-Discrimination Policy


I.B.1. Board Governance

  • I.B.1.01 General
  • I.B.1.02 Fulfill Responsibilities
  • I.B.1.03 Adhere to Ethical Standards
  • I.B.1.04 Act as a Unit
  • I.B.1.05 Represent the Common Good
  • I.B.1.06 Set the Policy Direction
  • I.B.1.07 Employ, Evaluate and Support the Chancellor
  • I.B.1.08 Create a Positive Climate
  • I.B.1.09 Monitor Performance
  • I.B.1.10 Support and Be Advocates for the System
  • I.B.1.11 Public Responsibility
  • I.B.1.12 Duties and Requirements of Board Officers
    • I.B.1.12.1 The Board Chair
    • I.B.1.12.2 The Board Vice-Chair
    • I.B.1.12.3 The Board Secretary
    • I.B.1.12.4 The Assistant Secretary
  • I.B.1.13 Self-Evaluation
    • I.B.1.13.1 Board Organization
    • I.B.1.13.2 Policy Role
    • I.B.1.13.3 Community Relations
    • I.B.1.13.4 Policy Direction
    • I.B.1.13.5 Board-Chancellor Relations
    • I.B.1.13.6 Standards for Lone Star College System Operations
    • I.B.1.13.7 Institutional Performance
    • I.B.1.13.8 Board Leadership
    • I.B.1.13.9 Advocating for the Lone Star College System
    • I.B.1.13.10 Board Education
    • I.B.1.13.11 Board Goals

I.B.2. Responsibilities, Powers and Duties
  • I.B.2.01 Powers Reserved
  • I.B.2.02 Responsibilities
  • I.B.2.03 Powers and Duties
  • I.B.2.04 Taxing Authority
  • I.B.2.05 Board Authority
  • I.B.2.06 Transacting Business
  • I.B.2.07 Individual Board Member Authority
  • I.B.2.08 Staff Authority

I.B.3. Ethics

  • I.B.3.01 Statement of Ethics

I.4. Conflict of Interest

  • I.B.4.01 Substantial Interest Affidavit and Abstention From Vote
  • I.B.4.02 Separate Vote
  • I.B.4.03 Conflicts Disclosure Statements
  • I.B.4.04 Prohibited Acts
  • I.B.4.05 Definitions
  • I.B.4.06 Prohibited Practices


I.C.1. Board Members – Eligibility and Benefits

  • I.C.1.01 Qualifications
  • I.C.1.02 Residence – Defined
  • I.C.1.03 Compensation and Expenses
  • I.C.1.04 Reimbursement of Costs and Expenses
  • I.C.1.05 Board Member Tuition Waivers
  • I.C.1.06 Benefits - Former Members

I.C.2. Board Members – Elections and Appointments

  • I.C.2.01 Elections
  • I.C.2.02 Single-Member Districts 
  • I.C.2.03 Filing Information
  • I.C.2.04 Write-in Voting
  • I.C.2.05 Residency Term – Pre-filed Candidacy
  • I.C.2.06 Residency Term – Write-in Candidacy
  • I.C.2.07 Appointment to Position on Board
  • I.C.2.08 Election of Unopposed Candidate
  • I.C.2.09 Loyalty Oath
  • I.C.2.10 Nepotism
  • I.C.2.11 Date of Election
  • I.C.2.12 Notice
  • I.C.2.13 Polling Places Accessible
  • I.C.2.14 Voters with Disabilities
  • I.C.2.15 Bilingual Materials
  • I.C.2.16 Voting Rights Act
  • I.C.2.17 Early Voting
  • I.C.2.18 Canvass Returns
  • I.C.2.19 Majority Vote Required
  • I.C.2.20 Statement of Officer and Oath of Office

I.C.3. Board Members – Vacancies and Removal from Office

  • I.C.3.01 Vacancies
  • I.C.3.02 Resignation
  • I.C.3.03 Non-Residence
  • I.C.3.04 Removal from Office

I.C.4. Board Member Development and Training

  • I.C.4.01 Purpose
  • I.C.4.02 Authority
  • I.C.4.03 Reimbursement of Development/Training Expenses
  • I.C.4.04 Frequency
  • I.C.4.05 Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Training Programs
  • I.C.4.06 Fee Reimbursement for Training Programs
  • I.C.4.07 Conventions, Workshops, Press Conferences and Ceremonial Events
  • I.C.4.08 Open Government Training
  • I.C.4.09 Reporting
  • I.C.4.10 Board Member Orientation
  • I.C.4.11 Annual Plan


I.D.1. Board Officers

  • I.D.1.01 Election of Officers
  • I.D.1.02 Reorganization
  • I.D.1.03 Duties and Requirements of Board Chair
  • I.D.1.04 Duties and Requirements of Vice Chair
  • I.D.1.05 Duties and Requirements of Secretary
  • I.D.1.06 Duties and Requirements of Assistant Secretary

I.D.2. Board Committees

  • I.D.2.01 Committee Structure
  • I.D.2.02 Special or Ad Hoc Committees
  • I.D.2.03 Audit Committee
I.D.3. Attorney and Advisory Committees
  • I.D.3.01 Attorney
  • I.D.3.02 Local Advisory Councils for Vocational Education

I.D.4. Board Evaluation

  • I.D.4.01 Self-Evaluation


I.E.1. Meetings

  • I.E.1.01 Definitions
  • I.E.1.02 Open Meetings
  • I.E.1.03 Recording
  • I.E.1.04 Minutes
  • I.E.1.05 Notice Required – Lead Time and Accessibility
  • I.E.1.06 Inquiry During Meeting
  • I.E.1.07 Notice – Specificity of Agenda
  • I.E.1.08 Emergency Meeting or Emergency Addition to Agenda
  • I.E.1.09 Special Notice to News Media
  • I.E.1.10 Quorum
  • I.E.1.11 Voting
  • I.E.1.12 Meeting by Conference Call
  • I.E.1.13 Notice – Telephone Conference Call Meeting
  • I.E.1.14 Video-conference Call Meeting
  • I.E.1.15 Notice – Video-conference Call Meeting
  • I.E.1.16 Recording – Video-conference Call Meeting
  • I.E.1.17 Quality of Audio and Video Signals – Video-conference Call Meeting
  • I.E.1.18 Remote Participation
  • I.E.1.19 Internet Broadcast
  • I.E.1.20 Attorney Consultation
  • I.E.1.21 Legislative Committee of Agency Meeting
  • I.E.1.22 Passing Resolutions or Orders
  • I.E.1.23 Hearing-Impaired Persons
  • I.E.1.24 Calling Special Meetings
  • I.E.1.25 Calling Emergency Meetings
  • I.E.1.26 Meeting Space
  • I.E.1.27 Rules of Order
  • I.E.1.28 Discussions and Limitations
  • I.E.1.29 Faculty Representation
  • I.E.1.30 Place of Meeting
  • I.E.1.31 Time of Regular Meeting
  • I.E.1.32 Time of Meeting – Special or Emergency Meetings
  • I.E.1.33 Agenda
  • I.E.1.34 Notice to Members
  • I.E.1.35 Closed Meetings
  • I.E.1.36 Procedures for Closed Meetings
  • I.E.1.37 Vote or Final Action
  • I.E.1.38 Certified Agenda or Tape Recording
  • I.E.1.39 Preservation
  • I.E.1.40 Public Access to Closed Session Record
  • I.E.1.41 Prohibitions
  • I.E.1.42 Scope of Participation
  • I.E.1.43 Citizen Participation
  • I.E.1.44 Disruption
  • I.E.1.45 Firearms at System Meeting
  • I.E.1.46 Complaints and Concerns
  • I.E.1.47 Board's Response


I.F.1. Policy and Bylaw Development

  • I.F.1.01 General
  • I.F.1.02 Policy Development
  • I.F.1.03 Policy Adoption
  • I.F.1.04 Policy Repeal
  • I.F.1.05 Policy Amendment
  • I.F.1.06 Administration in Policy Absence
  • I.F.1.07 Official Policy Manual
  • I.F.1.08 Harmony with Law


I.G.1. Chancellor Position

  • I.G.1.01 Chancellor Serves at Pleasure of Board
  • I.G.1.02 Notice of Finalists Before Board Action
  • I.G.1.03 Duties and Authority Before Board Action
  • I.G.1.04 Emergency Authority in Absence of Normal Board Action
  • I.G.1.05 Performance Evaluation
  • I.G.1.06 Objectives and Procedures for Performance Evaluation
  • I.G.1.07 Chancellor Contract
  • I.G.1.08 Property Interest
  • I.G.1.09 Non-renewal
  • I.G.1.10 Resignation
  • I.G.1.11 Dismissal
  • I.G.1.12 Hearing
  • I.G.1.13 Hearing may be open or closed
  • I.G.1.14 Hearing Procedures
  • I.G.1.15 Suspension with Pay Pending Dismissal Hearing
  • I.G.1.16 Board Decision Final


I.H.1. Faculty Senate

  • I.H.1.01 The Board of Trustees, the Chancellor and Faculty Senate