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I.F.1. Policy and Bylaw Development

I.F.1.01 - General

The Board shall adopt such rules, regulations and bylaws as it deems advisable.

I.F.1.02 - Policy Development

The System shall be governed in accordance with written policies adopted by a majority of the Board. Policies and policy amendments may be initiated by the Chancellor, a College President, a Board member, faculty, employees or community citizens, but generally shall be recommended for the Board’s consideration by the Chancellor.

I.F.1.03 - Policy Adoption

The Board shall have the sole right to adopt policies. The Chancellor may issue regulations purely for a procedural nature to carry out Board policies. However, no ancillary documents shall be binding on the System without prior authorization and approval by the Board.

I.F.1.04 - Policy Repeal

Through the adoption of these policies, all previously adopted policies are repealed and of no force or effect if in conflict with these policies. Any amendment of, or addition to, these policies shall repeal any policies in conflict with it.

I.F.1.05 - Policy Amendment

Proposed policies or amendments introduced and recommended to the Board at one meeting shall not be adopted until a subsequent meeting. Temporary action may be taken, however, to allow for special circumstances that demand an immediate response.

I.F.1.06 - Administration in Policy Absence

When action is urgently required in an area not covered by Board policy, the Chancellor shall have the power to act. The Chancellor shall inform the Board promptly of such action, which shall be subject to review by the Board, at its discretion.

I.F.1.07 - Official Policy Manual

The Board shall designate one copy of the policy manual as the official policy manual of the System. The official version of the policy manual shall be an electronic copy on the System’s Office of the General Counsel website. The Office of the General Counsel shall be responsible for accuracy and currency of the policy manual.

I.F.1.08 - Harmony with Law

No policy or regulation, nor any portion thereof, shall be operative if it is found to be in conflict with applicable state or federal law.


LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 5, 2015

LSCS Policy Manual Section I.F.1.07 Official Policy Manual updated by the Board of Trustees on June 2, 2016