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Human Resources Policy

Fourth Edition

Table of Contents: Section IV - Human Resources


IV.A.1. Hiring Practices

  • IV.A.1.01 Promotion, Job Posting, Classification
  • IV.A.1.02 Fair Employment Practice
  • IV.A.1.03 Employment
  • IV.A.1.04 Re-employment
  • IV.A.1.05 Selection Guidelines
  • IV.A.1.06 Nepotism
  • IV.A.1.07 Pre-Employment Physical
  • IV.A.1.08 Reference Checks/I.D. Badges
  • IV.A.1.09 Criminal Background Checks
  • IV.A.1.10 Other Review of Background
  • IV.A.1.11 Fair Credit Reporting Act

IV.A.2. Credentials, Records and Confidentiality

  • IV.A.2.01 Credentials
  • IV.A.2.02 Official Personnel File
  • IV.A.2.03 Access to Official Personnel File Information
  • IV.A.2.04 Requests for Information about LSCS Employees and Former Employees
  • IV.A.2.05 Use of Social Security Numbers
  • IV.A.2.06 Confidentiality of Employment Decisions

IV.A.3. Immigration and Hiring Non-Citizens

  • IV.A.3.01 Non-Discrimination
  • IV.A.3.02 Immigrants
  • IV.A.3.03 Non-Immigrants
  • IV.A.3.04 F-1 Visa
  • IV.A.3.05 J-1 Visa
  • IV.A.3.06 Benefits Eligibility


IV.B.1. Employee Appointment Types

  • IV.B.1.01 Appointment Categories
  • IV.B.1.02 Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees
  • IV.B.1.03 Change of Assignment Transfers

IV.B.2. Contractual Employees

  • IV.B.2.01 General
  • IV.B.2.02 Faculty Contract Authority
  • IV.B.2.03 Multi-Year Contracts
  • IV.B.2.04 Administrators

IV.B.3. Non-Contractual Employees

  • IV.B.3.01 Non-Contractual Employment
  • IV.B.3.02 Limited Appointments
  • IV.B.3.03 Post-Retirement Employees

IV.B.3A. Campus Peace Officers

  • IV.B.3A.01 Appointing and Commissioning Campus Peace Officers
  • IV.B.3A.02 Definitions
  • IV.B.3A.03 Delegation of Authority
  • IV.B.3A.04 Campus Peace Officers Authority
IV.B.4. Volunteers and Interns

  • IV.B.4.01 Volunteers
  • IV.B.4.02 Interns

IV.B.5. Emeritus

  • IV.B.5.01 Emeritus Designation


IV.C.1. Structure of Compensation

  • IV.C.1.01 Compensation
  • IV.C.1.02 Responsibility for Compensation Plan
  • IV.C.1.03 Objectives of Compensation Plan

IV.C.2. Overtime Compensation

  • IV.C.2.01 Eligible Employees
  • IV.C.2.02 Requirement of Compensation
  • IV.C.2.03 Assignment of Overtime
  • IV.C.2.04 Distribution of Overtime
  • IV.C.2.05 Compensatory Time in Lieu of Overtime

IV.C.3. Faculty Rank

  • IV.C.3.01 Assistant Professor
  • IV.C.3.02 Associate Professor
  • IV.C.3.03 Professor

IV.C.4. Temporary Duties

  • IV.C.4.01 Substitution in the Classroom
  • IV.C.4.02 Replacement Instructor
  • IV.C.4.03 Interim Appointment
  • IV.C.4.04 Acting Capacity


IV.D.1. Employees Workweek

  • IV.D.1.01 Workweek

IV.D.2. Full Time Faculty Workload

  • IV.D.2.01 Workload
  • IV.D.2.02 Definitions
  • IV.D.2.03 Teaching Assignments

IV.D.3. Ethical Standards

  • IV.D.3.01 Ethical Standards

IV.D.4. Additional Employment and Consulting

  • IV.D.4.01 Additional Employment
  • IV.D.4.02 Additional Employment - Consulting or Self Employment
  • IV.D.4.03 Commissioned Peace Officer

IV.D.5. Conflict of Interest

  • IV.D.5.01 Use of Official Authority Prohibited
  • IV.D.5.02 No Public Funds for Political Purposes
  • IV.D.5.03 Candidacy for Public Office
  • IV.D.5.04 Non-Elective State or Federal Office
  • IV.D.5.05 Use of System Equipment
  • IV.D.5.06 Receipt of Gifts
  • IV.D.5.07 Travel Bonuses
  • IV.D.5.08 Disclosure of Interest in Property to be Acquired

IV.D.6. Reporting and Investigating Dishonesty and Fraud

  • IV.D.6.01 Internal Control Systems
  • IV.D.6.02 Actions Constituting Fraud
  • IV.D.6.03 Investigation Responsibilities
  • IV.D.6.04 Non-Retaliation
  • IV.D.6.05 Confidentiality

IV.D.7. Copyright

  • IV.D.7.01 Compliance with Requirements of the U.S. Copyright Act
  • IV.D.7.02 Infringing Materials on LSCS Website
  • IV.D.7.03 Fair Use
  • IV.D.7.04 Reproduction or Distribution of Information

IV.D.8. Intellectual Property

  • IV.D.8.01 Intellectual Property Policy
  • IV.D.8.02 Definitions
  • IV.D.8.03 Disclosure and Institutional Review
  • IV.D.8.04 Applicability
  • IV.D.8.05 Intellectual Property Default Ownership
  • IV.D.8.06 Faculty Exceptions
  • IV.D.8.07 College Licensing Guidelines
  • IV.D.8.08 Royalty, Equity, Benefits, and Business Management Participation
  • IV.D.8.09 Procedures

IV.D.9. Ownership, Use and Control of Intellectual Property

    IV.D.10. Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

    • IV.D.10.01 Definitions
    • IV.D.10.02 Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace
    • IV.D.10.03 Alcoholic Beverages at College System Events and Activities
    • IV.D.10.04 Employee who Appears to be Under the Influence on the job
    • IV.D.10.05 Report of Conviction for Drug Related Offense
    • IV.D.10.06 Assistance to Employees
    • IV.D.10.07 Special Provision
    • IV.D.10.08 Distribution of Policy

    IV.D.11. Use of System Computing Resources

    • IV.D.11.01 System Property
    • IV.D.11.02 E-mail Privileges
    • IV.D.11.03 Confidentiality
    • IV.D.11.04 Records
    • IV.D.11.05 Prohibited Use
    • IV.D.11.06 Overloading of Computer Resources
    • IV.D.11.07 Procedures


    IV.E.1. Comprehensive Benefits

    • IV.E.1.01 Benefit Plan
    • IV.E.1.02 Medical Plan
    • IV.E.1.03 Continuation of Health Insurance Benefits - Eligible Retiring Board Members
    • IV.E.1.04 Payment of Health Insurance Benefits - Board Members
    • IV.E.1.05 Continuation of Group Insurance Benefits
    • IV.E.1.06 Tex-Flex Participation
    • IV.E.1.07 Workers' Compensation Benefits
    • IV.E.1.08 Family Medical Leave

    IV.E.2. Employee Retirement Benefits

    • IV.E.2.01 Social Security and Medicare
    • IV.E.2.02 LSCS Benefit Plans
    • IV.E.2.03 Retirement Benefits
    • IV.E.2.04 Teacher Retirement System (TRS)
    • IV.E.2.05 Optional Retirement Program
    • IV.E.2.06 TIAA-CREF Plan
    • IV.E.2.07 Tax Deferred Annuity (TDA)
    • IV.E.2.08 Texa$aver 457 Plan
    • IV.E.2.09 Retirement

    IV.E.3. Leaves and Absences

    • IV.E.3.01 Leave
    • IV.E.3.02 Sick Leave - Eligibility
    • IV.E.3.03 Use of Sick Leave
    • IV.E.3.04 Personal Leave
    • IV.E.3.05 Professional Leave
    • IV.E.3.06 Vacation Leave - Eligibility
    • IV.E.3.07 Accrual of Vacation Leave
    • IV.E.3.08 Change of Position
    • IV.E.3.09 Bereavement Leave
    • IV.E.3.10 Holidays
    • IV.E.3.11 Religious Holy Days
    • IV.E.3.12 Jury Duty or Legal Duty
    • IV.E.3.13 Military Service Non-Discrimination
    • IV.E.3.14 Military Leave - Short Term
    • IV.E.3.15 Military Leave - Long Term
    • IV.E.3.16 Leave of Absence without Pay
    • IV.E.3.17 Disability - Long-Term Disability
    • IV.E.3.18 Disability - Short Term Disability
    • IV.E.3.19 Sabbatical Leave
    • IV.E.3.20 Faculty Leave Banking
    • IV.E.3.21 Sick Leave Pool

    IV.E.4. Comprehensive Disability Program

    • IV.E.4.01 Disability or Injury
    • IV.E.4.02 Scope
    • IV.E.4.03 Definitions
    • IV.E.4.04 General Provisions
    • IV.E.4.05 Family Medical Leave
    • IV.E.4.06 Return to Full Duty
    • IV.E.4.07 Long-Term Disability Insurance
    • IV.E.4.08 Medical Records

    IV.E.5. Workers' Compensation Program

    • IV.E.5.01 Options
    • IV.E.5.02 Definitions
    • IV.E.5.03 Coverage
    • IV.E.5.04 Reporting Responsibility
    • IV.E.5.05 Notice to System Employees
    • IV.E.5.06 No Retaliation or Discrimination
    • IV.E.5.07 Sick and Vacation Leave Use

    IV.E.6. Family and Medical Leave Act

    • IV.E.6.01 Policy
    • IV.E.6.02 Definitions
    • IV.E.6.03 Requesting Leave
    • IV.E.6.04 Continuity of Health Plan Coverage
    • IV.E.6.05 Use of Paid Leave
    • IV.E.6.06 Medical Certification
    • IV.E.6.07 Restoration to Position
    • IV.E.6.08 Married Family Members
    • IV.E.6.09 Workers' Compensation and FMLA
    • IV.E.6.10 Notice
    • IV.E.6.11 Records

    IV.E.7. Employee Medical Issues and Examinations

    • IV.E.7.01 Testing for Communicable Diseases
    • IVE.7.02 Employee Physical Examinations
    • IV.E.7.03 Reasonable Accommodations
    • IV.E.7.04 Exposure to Blood-borne Pathogens
    • IV.E.7.05 Immunization and Testing
    • IV.E.7.06 Workers' Compensation

    IV.E.8. Accommodating Employees with Disabilities

    • IV.E.8.01 Legal Obligations
    • IV.E.8.02 Request for Accommodation
    • IV.E.8.03 Consideration of a Request for an Accommodation
    • IV.E.8.04 Referral to System Medical Professional
    • IV.E.8.05 Denial of Requested Accommodation
    • IV.E.8.06 Confidentiality of Medical Documentation


    IV.F.1. Expense and Travel Reimbursement

    • IV.F.1.01 Expense Reimbursements
    • IV.F.1.02 Personal Automobile

    IV.F.2. Professional Development and Educational Assistance Program

    • IV.F.2.01 Policy
    • IV.F.2.02 Definitions
    • IV.F.2.03 Required Development
    • IV.F.2.04 Professional Development Activities
    • IV.F.2.05 Organization Membership
    • IV.F.2.06 Employee Educational Assistance
    • IV.F.2.07 Educational Assistance Eligibility
    • IV.F.2.08 Educational Assistance Conditions
    • IV.F.2.09 Procedures

    IV.F.3. Wellness Program

    • IV.F.3.01 Purpose
    • IV.F.3.02 Release Time

    IV.F.4. Prohibited Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment Policy

    • IV.F.4.01 Policy
    • IV.F.4.02 Definitions
    • IV.F.4.03 Addressing Employment Discrimination Complaints
    • IV.F.4.04 College Community Member Responsibilities
    • IV.F.4.05 Educational Setting
    • IV.F.4.06 No Employment Retaliation for Employment Discrimination Complaints
    • IV.F.4.07 State and Federal Agencies
    • IV.F.4.08 Compliance and Training

    IV.F.5. Prohibited Harassment - (Incorporated within Section F.4 above)

    IV.F.6. Employee Safety and Health: Hazard Communication

    • IV.F.6.01 Employee Safety/Health
    • IV.F.6.02 Responsibility
    • IV.F.6.03 Smoking Prohibited

    IV.F.7. Performance Evaluations

    • IV.F.7.01 Professional and Support Staff
    • IV.F.7.02 Performance Evaluation Intervals
    • IV.F.7.03 Review of Performance Evaluation
    • IV.F.7.04 Performance Evaluation Criteria
    • IV.F.7.05 Employee Review Conference
    • IV.F.7.06 Faculty Assessment
    • IV.F.7.07 Purpose of the Faculty Assessment
    • IV.F.7.08 Administrative Staff
    • IV.F.7.09 Administrative Review of Evaluation

    IV.F.8. Change in Contract Status

    • IV.F.8.01 Policy
    • IV.F.8.02 Definitions
    • IV.F.8.03 Appealing a Contractual Change of Status Recommendation

    IV.F.9. Resignation by Contract Employee

    • IV.F.9.01 Resignation

    IV.F.10. Employee Grievance and Review Process

    • IV.F.10.01 Policy
    • IV.F.10.02 Definitions
    • IV.F.10.03 Who May Bring A Grievance
    • IV.F.10.04 Serial Grievances
    • IV.F.10.05 Exclusions
    • IV.F.10.06 Appeal to the Board for Alleged Policy Violations
    • IV.F.10.07 Right to Representation
    • IV.F.10.08 Informal Resolution
    • IV.F.10.09 Presentation of Formal Grievance
    • IV.F.10.10 First Level Appeal
    • IV.F.10.11 Second Level Appeal
    • IV.F.10.12 Appeal to the Board
    • IV.F.10.13 Contractual Termination Notice and Appeal
    • IV.F.10.14 Timeliness

      IV.F.11. Corrective Action and Discipline
    • IV.F.11.01 Definition
    • IV.F.11.02 Purpose
    • IV.F.11.03 Exceptions to this Policy
    • IV.F.11.04 Levels of Corrective Action
    • IV.F.11.05 Corrective Action Procedures
    • IV.F.11.06 Discharge
    • IV.F.11.07 Decision-Making Leave

    IV.F.12. Reduction in Force

    • IV.F.12.01 Purpose
    • IV.F.12.02 Hearing on Proposed Reduction in Force
    • IV.F.12.03 Consideration of RIF Affecting Faculty
    • IV.F.12.04 Proposal of RIF Affecting Faculty
    • IV.F.12.05 Notice to Contractual Employees
    • IV.F.12.06 Re-Employment/Restoration of Benefits - Contractual Employees
    • IV.F.12.07 Contractual Employee Reinstatement
    • IV.F.12.08 Request for Review - Contractual Employees
    • IV.F.12.09 Review Hearing Procedures - Contractual Employee
    • IV.F.12.10 Rights of Non-contractual Employees in a RIF
    • IV.F.12.11 Continuation of Benefits

    IV.F.13. Discharge of Employees

    • IV.F.13.01 Policy
    • IV.F.13.02 Discharge for Cause
    • IV.F.13.03 Immediate Discharge
    • IV.F.13.04 Suspension with or without Pay
    • IV.F.13.05 Appeal for Contractual Employee