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Instruction Policy

Lone Star College System District
Board Policy Manual

Fourth Edition

Table of Contents: Section V - Instruction

V.A. Expanded Colleges Or Centers

V.B. Curriculum - Instructional Program And Courses

V.B.1. Curriculum Design

  • V.B.1.01 Policy
  • V.B.1.02 Annual List of Courses
  • V.B.1.03 Minimum Length of Courses
  • V.B.1.04 Academic Calendar

V.B.2. Academic  Courses

  • V.B.2.01 Core Curriculum Defined
  • V.B.2.02 Adoption of Core Curriculum
  • V.B.2.03 Evaluation of Core Curricula
  • V.B.2.04 Field of Study Curriculum Defined
  • V.B.2.05 Evaluation of Field of Study Curricula

V.B.3. Technical and Workforce Courses

  • V.B.3.01 Workforce Educational Program
  • V.B.3.02 Definitions
  • V.B.3.03 General Provisions
  • V.B.3.04 Approval of Programs
  • V.B.3.05 Review Process
  • V.B.3.06 Procedures to Revise Program
  • V.B.3.07 Substantive Change

V.B.4. Miscellaneous Program Guidelines

  • V.B.4.01 State Funding
  • V.B.4.02 Continuing Education Courses
  • V.B.4.03 Military and Naval Training
  • V.B.4.04 Medically Related Courses
  • V.B.4.05 Evaluation
  • V.B.4.06 Human Subjects Research

V.B.5. Degrees and Degree Plans

  • V.B.5.01 Compensatory Courses (Including Developmental and Remedial)
  • V.B.5.02 General Degree Requirements
  • V.B.5.03 Degree Requirements Published

V.B.6. Special Program Requirements: Adult and Continuing Education

  • V.B.6.01 Adult Education
  • V.B.6.02 Continuing Education
  • V.B.6.03 Disadvantaged Students

V.B.7. LSC-Online

  • V.B.7.01 Coordinating Board Approval
  • V.B.7.02 LSC-Online Definitions
  • V.B.7.03 Standards for LSC-Online
  • V.B.7.04 LSC-Online Master Plan
  • V.B.7.05 Institutional Report for LSC-Online
  • V.B.7.06 Out-of-State of Out-of-Country Courses
  • V.B.7.07 Reporting to Commissioner

V.B.8. Dual Credit

V.B.9. Early College, High School or Middle School

V.B.10. Instructional Arrangements

  • V.B.10.01 State-Funded Courses
  • V.B.10.02 Instructional Departments
  • V.B.10.03 Class Size
  • V.B.10.04 Course Load and Schedules

V.C. Academic Achievement

V.C.1. Grading and Credit

  • V.C.1.01 Published Transfer Policy
  • V.C.1.02 Transfer of Core Curriculum Credits
  • V.C.1.03 Core Courses Noted on Transcript
  • V.C.1.04 Transfer of Field of Study Curriculum Credits
  • V.C.1.05 Lower Division Courses Transferable
  • V.C.1.06 Transfer Rules Codified
  • V.C.1.07 Transfer Dispute Resolution
  • V.C.1.08 Institutions to Attempt Resolution with Student
  • V.C.1.09 Commissioner Makes Final Determination
  • V.C.1.10 Withdrawal for Military Service
  • V.C.1.11 Excused Absence for a Person Called to Military Service
  • V.C.1.12 Grading
  • V.C.1.13 Credit by Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

V.C.2. Academic Integrity and Academic Dishonesty

  • V.C.2.01 Academic Integrity
  • V.C.2.02 Academic Dishonesty
  • V.C.2.03 Consequences of Academic Dishonesty

V.C.3. Academic Appeals

  • V.C.3.01 Defined
  • V.C.3.02 Basis for Academic Appeal
  • V.C.3.03 Procedure
  • V.C.3.04 Academic Appeals Committee
  • V.C.3.05 Hearing Procedure
  • V.C.3.06 Appeal Committee Final

V.C.4. Graduation

  • V.C.4.01 Guarantee of Additional Training for Certain Students
  • V.C.4.02 Commencement Ceremony

V.C.5. Guidance Programs and Services

  • V.C.5.01 Students with Disabilities
  • V.C.5.02 Counseling Program
  • V.C.5.03 Student Development

V.D. Instructiional Resources

  • V.D.1.01 Program Continuity
  • V.D.1.02 Libraries
  • V.D.1.03 Acquisition
  • V.D.1.04 Copyrighted Materials

V.E. Student Success Programs

V.E.1. Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

V.E.2. Student Success Initiative

  • V.E.2.01 Prerequisites
  • V.E.2.02 Programs

V.F. Miscellaneous Instruction Policies

  • V.F.1.01 Academic Freedom & Responsibilities
  • V.F.1.02 Neutrality in Religious Matters
  • V.F.1.03 Americans with Disabilities Act

V.G. Instructional Contracts With Outside Agencies

  • V.G.1.01 Contractual Agreements
  • V.G.1.02 Non-Accredited Organizations
  • V.G.1.03 Public Secondary Schools
  • V.G.1.04 Accredited Institutions
  • V.G.1.05 State Funding
  • V.G.1.06 Skills Development Fund
  • V.G.1.07 Job Corp Training