Lone Star College System District
Board Policy Manual

Fourth Edition

Table of Contents: Section VI - Student Policy

VI.A. Admissions

VI.A.1. Admission and Student Records

  • VI.A.1.01 Policy
  • VIA.1.02 Eligibility
  • VI.A.1.03 Academic Fresh Start
  • VI.A.1.04 Special Admission Requirements
  • VI.A.1.05 Readmission After Military Service
  • VI.A.1.06 Student Records

VI.B. Tuition and Fees

VI.B.1. Residency Policy

  • VI.B.1.01 General Policy
  • VI.B.1.02 In-District Texas Residents
  • VI.B.1.03 Out-of-District Texas Residents
  • VI.B.1.04 Waiver of Out-of-District Texas Resident Tuition and Fees
  • VI.B.1.05 Economic Development and Diversification Exception
  • VI.B.1.06 Texas Tomorrow Fund Beneficiaries
  • VI.B.1.07 Homeless Individuals
  • VI.B.1.08 Texas Residents
  • VI.B.1.09 Visa-Holder or Petitioner for Lawful Residency
  • VI.B.1.10 Armed Forces Out-of-State Waiver Duty Assignment in Texas
  • VI.B.1.11 Armed Forces Dependent Waiver -Duty Assigned Not in Texas
  • VI.B.1.12 International/Out-of-State Residents
  • VI.B.1.13 Information Required to Initially Establish Resident Status
  • VI.B.1.14 Errors in Residency Classification
  • VI.B.1.15 Dual Credit Tuition Reduction
  • VI.B.1.16 Notice of Repeated Courses and Excessive Undergraduate Hours
  • VI.B.1.17 Tuition Waiver Based on Contractual Training Agreements

VI.B.2. Installment Plans

  • VI.B.2.01 Installment Payment Options
  • VI.B.2.02 Execution of Installment Documents
  • VI.B.2.03 Notice Regarding Failure to Pay All Tuition and Fees
  • VI.B.2.04 Procedure for Applying Financial Aid Award
  • VI.B.2.05 Due Dates Postponed with Assignment of Financial Aid Award
  • VI.B.2.06 Enrollment Adjustment
  • VI.B.2.07 Installment Payment Option Fee

VI.B.3. Refund Policy

  • VI.B.3.01 Withdrawal for Military Service
  • VI.B.3.02 General Policy
  • VI.B.3.03 Schedule of Refunds - General Refund Policy
  • VI.B.3.04 Schedule of Refunds - Flex Entry and Non-Semester Length
  • VI.B.3.05 Schedule of Refunds - Title IV Assistance Refund Policy

VI.B.4. Fees, Fines and Charges

  • VI.B.4.01 Special Fees
  • VI.B.4.02 Incidental Fees
  • VI.B.4.03 Laboratory Fees
  • VI.B.4.04 Continuing Education Courses Fees
  • VI.B.4.05 Student Activity Fees
  • VI.B.4.06 Student Activity Fee Advisory Committees
  • VI.B.4.07 Joint Enrollment Waiver
  • VI.B.4.08 Exemption under Texas Law

VI.C. Financial Aid

VI.C.1. Financial Aid

  • VI.C.1.01 Purpose
  • VI.C.1.02 Application
  • VI.C.1.03 Disbursement of Funds
  • VI.C.1.04 Repayment of Title IV Funds
  • VI.C.1.05 Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • VI.C.1.06 Financial Aid Suspension - Appeal Process
  • VI.C.1.07 Fraud - Title IV Funds

VI.D. Student Welfare And Rights

VI.D.1. Student Organizations

  • VI.D.1.01 Registered Student Organizations
  • VI.D.1.02 Eligibility
  • VI.D.1.03 Compliance with LSCS Policies
  • VI.D.1.04 Violation of LSCS Policies
  • VI.D.1.05 Violation Appeal
  • VI.D.1.06 Sale of Taxable Items
  • VI.D.1.07 Raffles
  • VI.D.1.08 Student Travel

VI.D.2. Student Welfare

  • VI.D.2.01 Attendance
  • VI.D.2.02 Religious Holy Days
  • VI.D.2.03 Crime/Security Reports
  • VI.D.2.04 Student Support Services 
  • VI.D.2.05 Student Health Notices and Immunizations
  • VI.D.2.06 Drug and Alcohol Testing 
  • VI.D.2.07 Criminal Background Checks 
  • VI.D.2.08 Legal Notice Regarding Steroids 
  • VI.D.2.09 Graduation Rates 

VI.D.3. Student Rights

  • VI.D.3.01 Policy
  • VI.D.3.02 Student Affairs Administrators
  • VI.D.3.03 Student Defined
  • VI.D.3.04 Campus Defined
  • VI.D.3.05 First Amendment Rights Retained
  • VI.D.3.06 First Amendment - Freedom of Expression and Religion
  • VI.D.3.07 Limitations on Expression
  • VI.D.3.08 Interrogations
  • VI.D.3.09 Searches Without Warrants
  • VI.D.3.10 Limitations
  • VI.D.3.11 Prohibited Discrimination/Harassment Policy
  • VI.D.3.12 Students with Disabilities
    • VI.D.3.12a System Disability Mission Statement
    • VI.D.3.12b System Policy
    • VI.D.3.12c Definition
    • VI.D.3.12d Reasonable Accommodation
    • VI.D.3.12e Communications
    • VI.D.3.12f Auxiliary Aids and Services
    • VI.D.3.12g Definition
    • VI.D.3.12h Notice
    • VI.D.3.12i Disability Services Provider
    • VI.D.3.12j Eligibility and Documentation
    • VI.D.3.12k Student Rights and Responsibilities
    • VI.D.3.12l Confidentiality
    • VI.D.3.12m Process for Reconsideration of Accommodations
  • VI.D.3.13 Access to Information and Technology for Individuals with Disabilities
  • VI.D.3.14 Student intellectual Property

VI.E. Student Responsibilities

VI.E.1. Student Code of Conduct

  • VI.E.1.01 Policy
  • VI.E.1.02 Policy Regarding Conduct
  • VI.E.1.03 Applicability of Code of Conduct
  • VI.E.1.04 Academic Matters
  • VI.E.1.05 Off-Campus Activities
  • VI.E.1.06 "Sponsored Activities" Defined
  • VI.E.1.07 Non-Academic Misconduct
  • VI.E.1.08 Classroom Misconduct
  • VI.E.1.09 Academic Integrity
  • VI.E.1.10 Dress and Grooming

VI.E.2. Specific Violations of Student Code of Conduct

  • VI.E.2.01 Alcohol and Drug Use
  • VI.E.2.02 Disruptions
  • VI.E.2.03 Demonstrations
  • VI.E.2.04 Weapons and Weapons Possession
  • VI.E.2.05 Hazing
  • VI.E.2.06 Consequences of Hazing
  • VI.E.2.07 Risk Management Program for Student Organization Members and Advisors

VI.E.3. Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Violence

  • VI.E.3.01 Policy
  • VI.E.3.02 Definitions
  • VI.E.3.03 Title IX Harassment and Sexual Violence General Procedures
  • VI.E.3.04 Available Reporting Resources
  • VI.E.3.05 Convicted Sex Offender Policy

VI.E.4. Computer Safety and Rules

  • VI.E.4.01 Computer Usage
  • VI.E.4.02 Prohibited Use of Computers
  • VI.E.4.03 E-Mail Privileges
  • VI.E.4.04 E-Mail Confidentiality
  • VI.E.4.05 E-Mail Records
  • VI.E.4.06 Loss of Computing Privileges
  • VI.E.4.07 Overloading of Computer Resources

VI.F. Disciplinary Action And Procedure

VI.F.1. Discipline Policy - General

  • VI.F.1.01 Policy on Discipline
  • VI.F.1.02 Disciplinary Procedures
  • VI.F.1.03 System Autonomy
  • VI.F.1.04 Reports of Alleged Violation in Writing

VI.F.2. Emergency Disciplinary Procedures

  • VI.F.2.01 Emergency Discipline Policy
  • VI.F.2.02 Effect of Appeal on Emergency Disciplinary Action
  • VI.F.2.03 Forms of Emergency Disciplinary Action
  • VI.F.2.04 Temporary Suspension
  • VI.F.2.05 Right to Notice
  • VI.F.2.06 Emergency Disciplinary Action - Appeal Procedures
  • VI.F.2.07 Expedited Disciplinary Procedures

VI.F.3. Investigation of Student Code Violations

  • VI.F.3.01 Informal Resolution Procedures
  • VI.F.3.02 Disciplinary Conferences
  • VI.F.3.03 Student Disciplinary Committee
  • VI.F.3.04 Student Disciplinary Committee Hearing
  • VI.F.3.05 Other Dispositions
  • VI.F.3.06 Charged Student Barred from Registration
  • VI.F.3.07 Effective Notice
  • VI.F.3.08 Joint Hearing

VI.F.4. Disciplinary Sanctions

  • VI.F.4.01 Disciplinary Sanction Defined
  • VI.F.4.02 Disciplinary Sanctions System-Wide

VI.F.5. Miscellaneous Disciplinary Provisions

  • VI.F.5.01 Disciplinary Procedure - Library Materials and Academic Resources
  • VI.F.5.02 Disciplinary Procedure - Academic Misconduct

VI.F.6. Student Appeals

  • VI.F.6.01 Right of Appeal