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Mr. Schwarz received his MFA from Southern Illinois University in the art metals program.  His work has been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally, along with receiving many varied commissions.  American Craft and Interior Design magazines are among the list of publications showing his work.  He continues to be active as a studio artist.

“Wabi-sabi Objects” - Artist Statement

The pieces in this show represent a broad range of concepts and approaches to my work over the past 30 years.  The objects range from jewelry size, to sculptural forms and are composed of a variety of materials from gold, to rusted steel, to found objects.

I have always been interested in the challenge of combining an assortment of materials and techniques in my work. I use these to create a juxtaposition of texture, color, and form. The inherent visual and structural quality of different materials opens up a broad range of compositional possibilities. The combining of these different materials has contributed to my learning many varied processes and construction techniques.

The term Wabi-sabi is Japanese in origin and refers to an aesthetic rooted in Buddhist philosophy centered on the acceptance of transience. The aesthetic identifies beauty in things that are "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete". I first heard this term from friends describing some of my current work.

I have responded to this beauty in an old abandoned and decaying farmhouse, or a rusting plowshare sitting out in a field.  It is tangible in the isolated colors and textured patterns on rusted pieces of steel or extremely weather wood. I have felt the awareness of the transitory nature of things from new and useful to old and decaying while walking through a country junkyard. These things are treasures to me.       

 Chuck Schwarz




"Immersed": cast bronze, steel gold leaf, plexiglass, and telephone wire.


"Figure II": forged steel, bronze and hand cut poplar (2010).


"Mad Dog Series": large and small; pewter, hollowwarw, micarta, brass and cast bronze (1992).


"Bird Feeder": cast bronze, pewter, micarta, and canvas (19912).


"Pewter Bottle Collection": pewter, brass, Delron and plexiglass (1990).



"Pewter Bottle Collection": pewter, brass, Delron and plexiglass (1990).



"Bird Head Brooches": forged steel, cast bronze, silver, 14K gold, and micarta (1989).


"Heart and Soul": torch-cut forged steel, copper, hand-carved African mahogony (2010).


"Bird Head Darts": forged steel, cast bronze, turned wood, wild turkey feathers (1983).


Bosque Gallery


"Heart and Soul": torch-cut forged steel, copper, hand carved African mahogony (2010).


"Home Sweet Home": painted steel and found objects (2010).


Bosque Gallery


"Heart Cart": painted wood, brass, painted steel, and found wheels (2010).


Bosque Gallery: reception.