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Coronavirus Update

Important Dates
Registration for Summer and Fall classes is now open
Priority Decision Date for Financial Aid applications is June 4
Facilities open June 1 to only designated employees and students whose courses have not been fully converted to online delivery
LSC Services Resources continue to be provided online

Emergency Assistance Now Available
CARES Act Emergency Financial Grants available to students to help cover expenses related to disruptions due to COVID-19.
Apply now for CARES Act assistance.


If you have any questions, please contact the Parking Administration Office at parking@lonestar.edu

Who must have a permit to park on a Lone Star campus?
Tenant, Staff/ Faculty are required to have a permit to park in their designated areas.  Students and visitors do not need a permit and can freely park in student lots.

How do I get a Lone Star parking permit?
Faculty/Staff go to www.lonestar.edu/parking and click the "Request a LSC Parking Permit" link. You will be directed to a website where you can register your vehicle and request a permit.
Tenant must obtain a permit at their local LSC Police Department substation.  For locations of substations, call LSC Police Dispatch at 281-290-5911.

Is there a cost for the permit?
No. Your first permit is free. Any additional permit is $10.00.

I drive multiple vehicles; do I need more than one permit?
No.  The permits can be transferred between vehicles.  Simply peel the permit off the current vehicle and place on the other vehicle (passenger side, lower corner).  We do ask that you add additional vehicles to your parking account.  If you require multiple permits, additional permits are available for $10.00 each.  Go to www.lonestar.edu/parking, login, and order the additional permit.

Will a LSC permit allow me to park on any Lone Star College campus?

Will permits expire?
Yes.   Faculty/Staff permits are currently three (3) year permits and will expire at the end of the third year in the cycle.  For example, for the 2018-2021 permit period, the permits will expire on August 31, 2021.

Will vehicles without permits be ticketed?
Yes. Vehicles parked in faculty/staff or reserved spaces without a permit will be ticketed.  Vehicles without permits on the student lots will not be ticketed.

How much do tickets cost?
It depends on the violation. For example, parking in a reserved area without a permit is $40, while parking in a handicapped space without a handicap placard or license plate is $105.

 How can I print my temporary permit?

  1. Log into www.lonestar.edu/parking.
  2. Click on “my permit” tab.
  3. Print option available, click next to active permit.

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