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ALEKS Open Lab

Assessment and Learning Knowledge Spaces

  • "Assessment" is any activity in which the student's progress is determined, usually through quizzes and tests.
  • "Learning" is the primary objective of all activity in the class.
  • "Knowledge Spaces" are what the student already understands, sometimes called "background knowledge" or "schema."

ALEKS uses assessments to determine what a student already knows then teaches only topics which are supported by the existing knowledge space. This means that ALEKS won't waste your time trying to teach what you already know or trying to teach what's way over your head.

ALEKS Open Lab courses are self-paced math classes with flexible schedules to meet every student’s needs.

ALEKS is a web-based artificial intelligence that determines where each student is in the course and tailors the lessons accordingly. Each course is divided into twelve “Modules” of 20 to 30 topics. In a standard 16-week course, students can complete one Module each week and have extra time to study for tests. How each student progresses through the Module depends entirely on the student. Coursework is completed online so can be done anywhere with internet access. ALEKS includes both video and textbook-like lectures, and students may attend any ALEKS Open Lab times for additional tutoring, or just a quiet place to work.

Course Requirements: ALEKS costs about $115 from the campus bookstore, or less if purchased online directly from the publisher. Students must have a valid account by Official Day to avoid being dropped. To earn a passing grade of C for the course, students must pass the Final Exam with a score of 60% or better.

To earn a higher grade, students must also invest a significant amount of time online to complete coursework (optionally enhanced by investing time in the Open Lab), develop proficiency in basic arithmetic, complete Test Reviews, and score well on Tests. Tests may be taken in the ALEKS Open Lab or at a more convenient Testing Center.

The “No F Guarantee” is offered to students of Developmental Mathematics courses (Math 0306, 0308, and 0310)*. Students who Invest at least 100 hours online working in the program by the end of the semester (in a standard 16-week course, that’s an average of about 6½ hours each week, similar to a traditional lecture course with homework) but do not pass the class will receive an IP instead of an F – an IP does not affect Grade Point Average. Students who sign up for the same ALEKS again in a future semester pick up where they previously left off and do not have to start over again!

*Students who have already received a grade of IP for the same course 3 times in previous semesters are not eligible for this guarantee.


LSC-Greenspoint Center ALEKS Open Lab

Hours of Operation, Summer 2017

The Open Lab in room 312 is where students attend during any of the hours of operation, where there is a Professor of Mathematics available for private tutoring on demand.







LSC-Victory Center ALEKS Open Lab

Hours of Operation, Summer 2017

The Open Lab in room 110 is where students attend during any of the hours of operation, where there is a Professor of Mathematics available for private tutoring on demand.






The following sections participate in the ALEKS Open Lab, 
Summer Semester 2017:

Note that all sections will have identical course requirements and resources, regardless of their “official” location/times or instructor.

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Introduction to Algebra
  • Intermediate Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Trigonometry



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