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Who must have a permit to park on a Lone Star campus?
Students, Staff, and Faculty are required to have a permit to park in their designated areas.  Everyone else may park in designated Visitor parking areas.  Public Library Patrons may register their vehicle and order an annual parking permit that will expand their eligible parking areas.

Why is Lone Star requiring parking permits?
A number of reasons including: to strengthen security on campus and reduce the cost of parking fines. Example: A typical parking fine handled by our local precinct is $100 or more. The new fine will be $40. Parking in a handicap space will be $105.00 compared to $600 at our local precinct. If you pay your fine early (within 10 business days) the fine will be reduced to $35.00/$100.00.

How do I get a Lone Star parking permit?
Go to: Lonestar.edu/Parking and click the "Get a Student Permit" or "Get a Faculty or Staff Permit" link. You will be directed to a website where you can register your vehicle and request a permit.

Is there a cost for the permit?

I drive multiple vehicles; do I need more than one permit?
No.  The permits can be transferred between vehicles.  Simply peel the permit off the current vehicle and place on other vehicle (passenger side, lower corner).  We do ask that you add your other vehicles to your parking account.  If you require multiple permits, the additional permits are available for $10.00 each.  Go to www.lonestar.edu/parking, login, and order the additional permit.

Will the permit allow me to park on any Lone Star campus?

Will permits expire?
Yes.  Student permits will expire at the end of the academic year.  For example:  For the 2016-2017 academic year, the permits will expire August 31, 2017.  Faculty/Staff permits are currently three (3) year permits and will expire at the end of the third year in the cycle.  For example:  for the 2015-2018 permit period, the permits will expire on August 31, 2018.

Will vehicles without permits be ticketed?

How much do tickets cost?
It depends on the violation. For example, not having a permit is $40 while parking illegally in a handicapped space is $105.


How can I print or reprint my temporary permit?
There are three ways to print and two ways to reprint your temporary permit.

1.       To print your permit:

a.      From the Payment Receipt Page there is a "Print Permit" link.  View a screenshot.
b.      From the link located on the email receipt there is a "Print Permit" link.  View a screenshot.
c.      Log into your parking account to view your permit.  View instructions.

2.       To reprint your permit:

a.      From the link located on the email receipt. View a screenshot.
b.      Log into your parking account and viewing your permit.  View instructions.