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Rules & Regulations

2017 - 2018 Parking & Traffic Regulations and Information

Avoid parking citations by reading and obeying college parking regulations

Parking Services Administration Office:

Physical address:
LSC-System Office at University Park
20515 SH 249 Building 11, 7th Floor
Houston, Texas  77070

Mailing address:
Lone Star College Police Department
ATTN: Parking
20515 SH 249 Building 11, 7th Floor
Houston, Texas  77070

Office hours:

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Email:  Parking@LoneStar.edu
Phone: 281.765.7836
Fax: 281.618.7139

I. General Information

The control of motor vehicle traffic on campus is a necessary part of the efficient operation of the college. During normal business hours, certain areas are restricted to vehicles necessary for college business. The purpose of these regulations are to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of college business and to provide parking facilities support of this function within the limits of available space.

In developing these regulations, LSCS is guided by the Texas Motor Vehicle Laws and the Texas Education Code 51.202.  These regulations are applicable to all members of the college community: faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

  1. In these regulations, the term campus is interpreted to include all property under the jurisdiction of LSCS. The term vehicle or motor vehicle is interpreted to include automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor bikes, motor scooters, and any vehicle that is self-propelled.
  2. Vehicles parked in reserved areas must have a permit corresponding with that area.  Student Lots are open parking and do not require a permit.
  3. The college will make every effort to render protection to vehicles parked on campuses but does not assume the responsibility for any losses. In the event of conflict between traffic signs or markings and printed regulations, the signs or markings shall be followed.
  4. The college reserves the right to impound or have impounded any vehicle that is parked in a manner dangerous to vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or in flagrant violation of college parking regulations. The vehicle owner shall bear all costs in such vehicle removal.
  5. The college considers the use of a motor vehicle on campuses a privilege and convenience, and is not obligated to furnish unlimited parking space. However, the college will attempt to provide a reasonable number of parking spaces in keeping with available resources.

II. Vehicle Registration

ALL LSCS faculty/staff, tenants and Academy of Lifelong Learning members who operate or expect to operate a vehicle on college property, are required to register their vehicle online or with their local Lone Star College Police Department substation and obtain a parking permit to park in reserved areas. The college reserves the right to require proof of ownership of the vehicle being registered.

A visitor is defined as anyone who is not a current Student, Staff or Faculty member. Visitors may park in designated Visitor/Library parking on a first come first serve basis and all student lots without a permit.

  1.  Reserved area parking is enforced 24 hours a day.
  2. All faculty/staff may register their vehicles online at LoneStar.edu/Parking at any time. For more information go to LoneStar.edu/Parking, call 281.765.7836 or email Parking@LoneStar.edu.
  3. Faculty/staff permits can be moved from one passenger vehicle to another vehicle being operated by or for the transportation of the permit holder. Additional permits may be purchased for an administrative fee of $10.00. Individuals shall not lend, sell, or otherwise allow other persons to use their permit. Ownership of all permits remains with the college and is not transferable to another person.
  4.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder to update changes of vehicle, home or work addresses, contact information, etc. online at LoneStar.edu/Parking.
  5. The college reserves the right to remove and impound any abandoned motor vehicle or any motor vehicle found on its property without a LSCS parking permit, or without a valid license plate.
  6. Obtaining a permit signifies you have read and understand the LSCS parking rules and regulations and agree to abide by them.

III. Required Display of Permits

  1. Valid permits must be displayed on any vehicle parked in faculty/staff, reserve, or ALL member areas.
  2. Permits must be affixed (not taped) on the inside lower right corner (passenger side) of the front windshield.
  3. Should a permit become damaged or mutilated, Parking Services will verify the permit is unusable and process a replacement permit. The first replacement permit is free of charge. Subsequent replacement permits will be issued for a $10.00 administrative fee.
  4. If a permit is lost, missing, or stolen, the permit holder shall immediately complete a “Lost Permit Report” (available online at: LoneStar.edu/Parking) and forward the form to the Parking Services by mail, e-mail, or fax 281.618.7139. The first replacement is free of charge.  A second replacement permit will be issued for a $10.00 administrative fee. The permit holder will sign a form stating the permit was lost/stolen and acknowledge any vehicle displaying the lost/stolen permit on campus will be eligible for impound.
  5. The registered permit holder is responsible for any citations issued to their permit (i.e. loaned or sold).

IV. Parking Area Regulations

All college campus parking facilities are marked according to color zone and/or signage. Operators must adhere to these designations:

  1. Individual reserved parking spaces are restricted 24 hours a day.
  2. Faculty/staff should park in designated employee parking areas with a valid permit.
  3. Students must park in designated student parking lots.
  4. Visitors are permitted to park in designated visitor spaces without a permit or student parking.
  5. Faculty/staff, students and visitors who possess and display a State of Texas Disabled Parking placard/license plate are permitted to park in any spot designated for persons with disabilities.
  6. All college streets have a posted speed limit of 20 miles per hour. Parking lots are limited to 10 miles per hour.
  7. Bicycles must be parked in parking racks. Every person operating a motorcycle, motorbike, motor scooter or bicycle must give pedestrians the right of way at all times, keep to the right of the roadway and obey traffic control devices.
  8. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space in any particular location is not considered a valid excuse for violating the parking and traffic regulations.

V. Lone Star College Parking Garages

Lone Star College System parking garages are located at our LSC-Montgomery and LSC-University Park campuses. These garages are open to faculty, staff, students and visitors. The garage may close to the public during special events.

VI. Resolving Citations

A.     Parking Violations/Citations

1.     Parked in Handicap Zone


2.     Parked in Fire Lane


3.     Parked Where Prohibited


4.     Improper Display of Parking Permit


5.     Failure to Display Parking Permit


6.     Falsifying information during vehicle registration, or using falsely made, altered or purchased permit


7.     Parked over the line


8.     Parked on sidewalk


9.     Parked in a reserved space


10.   Wrong permit for designated parking space


11.   Exceeding posted time zone


12.   Any other parking violations


B.     Moving violations

All vehicles operated on LSC property or under its jurisdiction are subject to all Texas Traffic Code regulations and enforced by LSC Police. All moving violations on public roads and moving violations on campus are adjudicated in the appropriate county or municipal court.

C.    Resale of parking permits is prohibited and will be considered as a falsely purchased permit.
D.    Citations issued to vehicles not displaying an LSC faculty/staff, tenant or ALL member permit will normally be assigned to the registered owner via DMV records.

VII. Violator’s Obligation and Appeal Procedure

  1. Citations for college parking violations may be paid online at the Online Parking Ticket Payment System, in person (cash, check or money order only) at any LSCS business office, or by mail (attach check or money order to the citation. Do not mail cash.) to LSC-North Harris Business Office, Attention Cashier, 2700 W.W. Thorne Drive, Houston, TX 77073-3499.
  2. College parking citations may be appealed online at LoneStar.edu/Parking. Appeals must be filed within ten (10) calendar days after the issuance of the citation. The citation must be paid prior to filing an appeal. A member of the parking staff will respond via email to the appeal with fifteen (15) calendar days by accepting, reducing or denying the appeal. If the appeal is approved, the fine will be refunded.
  3. The violations “Parked in a Handicap Zone” and “Altered/False Permit” may not be appealed. If you receive a citation for not displaying a valid state issued disabled placard, your first citation will be reduced to an administrative fee of $30.00 ($35.00 if not paid in 10 calendar days). Please contact Parking Services to have the amount adjusted.
  4. Students who fail to resolve parking citations are subject to disciplinary action and will not be allowed to register for the following fall term.
  5. Faculty/staff and others who fail to resolve parking citations will be referred to Campus Administration.

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