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Spring 2019 Courses

Late Start Engineering Classes

ENGR Spring 2019 Classes

Intro to Engineering

  • ENGR*1201*2101/2102 MWF 08:00AM-08:55AM
  • ENGR*1201*2203/2204 MW 05:00PM-06:20PM
  • ENGR*1201*2805/2806 Online 

Engineering Graphics I? 

  • ENGR*1304*2101/2102 MW 09:05AM-11:55AM
  • ENGR*1304*2803/2804 Online

Engr Mechanics:Statics

** option of working online if needed

  • ENGR*2301*2101 TTH 11:30AM-12:20PM

Engr Mechanics: Dynamics

** option of working online if needed

  • ENGR*2302*2201 MW 06:30PM-07:50PM

Programming for Engineers

  • ENGR*2304*2201/2202 TH 06:00PM-08:50PM
  • ENGR*2304*2803/2804 Online

Electrical Circuits I

  • ENGR*2405*2201/2202 TTH 06:00PM-08:50PM

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