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The Cosmetology Operator Certificate (C1_COP1) certificate offered at LSC-Kingwood and LSC-North Harris. For more information, please contact the Cosmetology Department.

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Program Description

The program offers certificates for the facial specialist, instructor license and operator license. The certificate program is a full-time, 12-month program for operator certificate and full-time, 8-month program for facial specialist certificate and instructor certificate. All three certificate programs are approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, graduates are eligible to take their state exam. Upon passing their state exam, program graduates become licensed to practice in the State of Texas.

Graduates of the cosmetology certificate programs have many employment opportunities including becoming a hair dresser, skin care specialist, and make-up artist. Other areas may be to become a research assistant in the cosmetology industry, a sales representative for a beauty product, or beauty editor for newspapers and magazines. Salaries vary depending upon the place of employment and the graduate’s skills and number of work hours.

Admissions Criteria

In addition to the system admission requirements, the following are requirements for admission to the cosmetology program:

  1. High school diploma or GED.
  2. Completed ENGL 0304 and ENGL 0306 or (ESOL) equivalent, or higher level ENGL course or placement by testing.
  3. Minimum age of 17 years.
  4. Mandatory attendance at a scheduled orientation session or departmental approval.
  5. Program admission for students with previous college experience requires that the student be in disciplinary good standing at all former institutions. No student will be admitted who is under disciplinary suspension status from another college or institution. Any such status requires positive resolution from the other institution before a student will be considered for cosmetology admission.

After program admission approval, the student must have the registration form approved by the cosmetology academic counselor. Applicants who have completed hours in cosmetology in other educational programs may apply for placement by examination for CSME 1254, 1310, 1501, and 1505. Official verification of the hours completed is required.

Progression Requirements

Once admitted to the cosmetology program, a student must attain a grade of “C” or better in each cosmetology course as well as satisfactory attendance record (refer to Cosmetology Student Handbook) in order to progress in the program.

Readmission Policy

A student who withdraws from the cosmetology program may be re-admitted only once with the recommendation of the department faculty.

First Year Credits

First Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
CSME 1254 Artistry of Hair Design I 2
CSME 1310 Introduction to Haircutting & Related Theory 3
CSME 1501 Orientation to Cosmetology 5
CSME 1505 Fundamentals of Cosmetology 5

TOTAL First Semester Credits:


Second Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
CSME 1553 Chemical Reformation and Related Theory 5
CSME 2310 Advanced Haircutting and Related Theory 3
CSME 2337 Advanced Cosmetology Techniques 3
CSME 2501  The Principles of Hair Coloring & Related Theory 5

TOTAL Second Semester Credits:


Third Semester Credits

Subject Number Title Credits
CSME 2539 Advanced Hair Design 5
CSME 2541 Preparation for State Licensing Exam 5

TOTAL Third Semester Credits:


Total Credits

TOTAL Credits for Cosmetology Operator Certificate:



Note: Capstone experience is completed by taking a departmental exam.