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Gainful Employment

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) requires that institutions of higher education must provide current and prospective students with information about each of its programs that “prepares students for gainful employment (GE) in a recognized occupation.”  Lone Star College certificate programs not designed to be fully transferable to a bachelor’s degree program are considered GE programs.

The intent of this requirement is to enable students to make an informed choice about a gainful employment program.  In order to disclose information in a consistent, clear, and comparable format, the DOE requires colleges to provide this information on a designated webpage using the Gainful Employment Disclosure Template.

These disclosures will assist students and their families to make determinations about the amount of student indebtedness incurred by students who completed the gainful employment program, the average costs of attending the program, rates of normal completion time, and job placement rates.  Additional information related to the GE regulations are available at the Department of Education website.

3D Animation (CERT)
Accounting (CERT)
Accounting ATC (CERT)
Administrative Support Certificate - Administrative Specialty
Administrative Support Certificate - Bookkeeping Specialty
Administrative Support Certificate - Global Office Support Specialty
Administrative Support Certificate - Legal Specialty Track
Administrative Support Certificate - Office Communications Specialty
Administrative Support Certificate - Medical Specialty
ASL Communications Skills (CERT)
Automotive Service Technician (CERT)
Basic Chemical Dependency Counselor (CERT)
Basic Electronics (CERT)
Basic Structural Firefighter (CERT)
Biotechnology Laboratory Technician ATC (CERT)
Business Administration Certificate II - Management Track (CERT)
Business Administration Certificate II - Human Services Track (CERT)
Business Administration Certificate II - Marketing Track (CERT)
Business Operations (CERT)
Business Operations Assistant (CERT)
C++ Programming (CERT)
Chassis & Electric Technician Specialization (CERT)
Cisco Network Analyst (CERT)
Coding (CERT)
Computed Tomography ATC (CERT)
Computer Numeric Control Operator/Programmer I Certificate
Computer Numeric Control Operator/Programmer II Certificate
Computer-Aided Design Operator/Drafting
Computer-Aided Design Operator/Drafting - Architectural, Civil/Structural Discipline
Computer-Aided Design Operator/Mechanical, Manufacturing, Product Design 
Computer Programmer (CERT)
Computer Programming Specialist II (CERT)
Converged Technology ATC (CERT)
Cosmetology Instructor (CERT)
Cosmetology Operator (CERT)
Cosmetology Operator (CERT) (CHI)
Digital Photography (CERT)
E-Business Web Developer (CERT)
Electrical Technology Level I (CERT)
Electrical Technology Level II Certificate
Emergency Medical Services Professions Intermediate (CERT)
Emergency Medical Services Professions Paramedic (CERT)
Engineering Technology - Petroleum Field Service Technician (CERT)
Facial Specialist (CERT)
Facial Specialist (CHI) (CERT)
Field Service Technician (CERT)
First Line Logstics Leader (CERT)
Game Design & Simulation Designer (Artist) (CERT)
Game Design & Simulation Developer (Programming) (CERT)
General Business (CERT)
Geographic Information Systems Analyst (CERT)
Geographic Information Systems Analyst II (CERT)
Geographic Information Systems Technician (CERT)
Graphic Design (CERT)
Human Services (CERT)
HVAC & Refrigeration Residential Servicing (CERT)
HVAC & Refrigeration Commercial Servicing (CERT)
HVAC Occupational Entry (CERT)
Human Resources (CERT)
Industrial Diesel Technology Certificate Level I
Industrial Diesel Technology Certificate Level II
Inspection (CERT)
Integrated Technology Advanced Certificate
Integrated Technology Basic Certificate
International Business (CERT)
Law Enforcement Academy (CERT)
Law Enforcement Core (CERT)
Land Surveyor (CERT)
Live Entertainment Technology Certificate II
Live Entertainment Technology - Video Certificate II
Live Entertainment Technology Certificate I
Live Entertainment Technology - Video Certificate I
Machinist (CERT)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging ATC (CERT)
Marketing (CERT)
Massage Therapy (CERT)
Mechatronics Technician (CERT)
Medical Assisting (CERT)
Microsoft Office Specialist (CERT)
Motion Graphics (CERT)
Multimedia Designer Certificate I
Multimedia Designer Certificate II
Network and Computer System Administrator Basic Certificate Level I
Network Administrator, Cisco (CERT)
Network Administrator Certificate II, Cisco
Network Administrator, Microsoft (CERT)
Network Engineer, Cisco (CERT)
Network Engineer, Microsoft (CERT)
Network & System Support (CERT)
Nursing Assistant (Integrated Curriculum) (CERT)
Paralegal Studies ATC (CERT)
PC Support Specialist (CERT)
Petroleum Data Technology Certificate I
Petroleum Data Technology Certificate II
Pharmacy Technology Certificate I
Pharmacy Technology Certificate II
Physician Office-Based Billing and Coding (CERT)
Pipefitting (CERT)
Power Train & Driveability Technician Specialization (CERT)
Process Technology Certificate II
Programming Specialist (CERT)
Small Business Management (CERT)
Sonography Non-Invasive Vascular Technology ATC (CERT)
Surgical Technologist (CERT)
Veterinary Assistant (CERT)
Visual Basic (CERT)
Video & Post Production Certificate I
Video & Post Production Certificate II
Vocational Nursing ADN to VN (CERT)
Vocational Nursing (CERT)
Web Design Certificate I
Web Design Certificate II
Welding Gas Metal Arc (CERT)
Welding Gas Tungsten Arc(CERT)
Welding Layout & Fabrication (CERT)
Welding Shielded Metal Arc (CERT)
Welding Pipe (CERT)