The College Work-Study Program provides jobs for students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay educational expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to the course of study. Employment opportunities for Lone Star College students exist at each campus. Work study can be awarded to students with need who work on campus and who are paid according to the hours worked. Awards vary based on amount of need. Students awarded federal work study are not guaranteed a job, and work study earnings are not paid in advance so they cannot be used to pay the direct costs (tuition, books, etc.) of the semester in which they are awarded. The current pay starts at $7.25 per hour for up to a maximum of 19.5 hours per week for a total of 32 weeks (16 weeks during both the fall and spring semesters).

Work study employment cannot be awarded to a student if that award, when combined with all other resources would exceed the student’s need.


Academic Affairs   CF00001  CWS-Outreach Specialist I  1
Academic Affairs CF00002 CWS-Student Services Specialist I 1
Academic Affairs CF00031  CWS-Administrative Specialist I  2
Academic Success Center  CF00010  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 4
Admissions & Records  CF00012  CWS-Student Services Specialist III 
Advising/Counseling  CF00013  CWS-Student Services Specialist III  8
Bosque Gallery  CF00005  CWS-Administrative Specialist I  1
CE  CF00032  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist II  1
College Relations  CF00023  CWS-Administrative Specialist II  3
College Relations  CF00029  CWS-Administrative Specialist III 
Disability Services  CF00027  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Division III, Dean's Office  CF00004  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Division V, CARE grant  CF00007  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Enrollment Management  CF00030  CWS-Administrative Specialist I  3
Facilities/Mail room  CF00016  CWS-Facilities Specialist I 
Facilities/Mail room  CF00019  CWS-Facilities Specialist II  1
Financial Aid CF00009 CWS-Financial Aid Specialist I 2
Financial Aid  CF00025  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist II 
Fire/EMS Division IV   CF00020  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Fire/EMS Division IV  CF00022  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Library CF00014 CWS-Administrative Specialist I 5
Library  CF00026  CWS-Administrative Specialist II  1
Music, Drama, Dance  CF00011  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Nursing Dept  CF00017 CWS-Housekeeping Specialist I 
Philosophy  CF00028  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Sonography  CF00006  CWS-Housekeeping Specialist I 
Student Life  CF00015  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Student Life  CF00024  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Student Services - Dean's Suite  CF00018  CWS-Administrative Specialist II  3
Teaching and Learning Center CF00003 CWS-Learning Center Specialist I 1

LSC-Cypress Center

Financial Aid  CYC00004  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist II  1  
Student Services  CYC00002  CWS-Student Services Specialist III  2
Student Services   CYC00003  CWS-Student Services Specialist II  1

LSC-Fairbanks Center

Student Services   CYFB00002  CWS-Student Services Specialist I  3
Student Services  CYFB00003  CWS-Student Services Specialist II  6


Advising  KW00010  CWS-Student Services Specialist I 
Career Services  KW00006  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
CE  KW00009  CWS-Admininstrative Specialist I 
Center for Civic Engagement  KW00013  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Disability Services  KW00007  CWS-Administrative Specialist I
English/ESOL  KW00002  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Enrollment Services - graduation  KW00019  CWS-Administrative Specialist 1 
Enrollment Services - international  KW00020  CWS-Administrative Specialist 1 
Financial Aid  KW00001  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist I  1
Honors College  KW00015  CWS-Administrative Specialist 1
Intercultural Center  KW00008  CWS-Admininstrative Specialist I 
Kinesiology/Fitness  KW00017  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Learning Center  KW00014 CWS-Learning Center Specialist I 2
Math, Engineering, Math, Stu Success  KW00011  CWS-Administrative Specialist 1 
Music Dept  KW00012  CWS-Administrative Specialist II  3
Social Science and Humanities  KW00004  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 2
Social Science and Humanities KW00016  CWS-Administrative Specialist 1  2
Stu Ser/FA - Student Ambassadors  KW00018  CWS-Administrative Specialist I  9

Student Life

KW00003 CWS-Student Life Specialist II 1

LSC-Atascocita Center





Admissions  MC00014  CWS-Student Services Specialist II  2
Admissions   MC00038  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Advising & Counseling  MC00007R CWS-Administrative Specialist III 
Behavioral Science, English, Languague, Speech  MC00037  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Business Office  MC00032 CWS-Business Office Specialist II 
CE MC00019 CWS-Administrative Specialist I 4
CE  MC00025  CWS-Administrative Specialist III 
Center for Civic Engagement  MC00040  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
College Relations  MC00036  CWS-Administrative Specialist I
Financial Aid MC00005  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist II  3
Financial Aid MC00029  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist I  3
First Year Experience  MC00027  CWS-Administrative Specialist I  2
First Year Experience   MC00035  CWS-Administrative Specialist III  3
Library  MC00008  CWS-Library Assistant II  2
NASH - Wellness Center MC00012 CWS-Administrative Specialist II 3
NASH MC00013 CWS-Administrative Specialist II 4
Orientation MC00021 CWS-Administrative Specialist II 3
Outreach MC00009R CWS-Outreach Specialist II 2
Police Department  MC00041  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Student Life MC00026 CWS-Administrative Specialist II 1
Student Life/Sports and Recreation  MC00006  CWS-Community Services Specialist II
Student Life/Sports and Recreation MC00004R CWS-Mascot I 3
Student Life/Sports and Recreation MC00011 CWS-Intrumural Assistant II 1
Stu Ser - International Students  MC00028  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Stu Ser - International Students  MC00030  CWS-Administrative Specialist III
Stu Success- Disability Services  MC00031  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 1
Student Services MC00002R CWS-Student Services Specialist II 2
TEAM Division MC00022 CWS-Administrative Specialist II 1
TEAM Division  MC00023 CWS-Administrative Specialist II  2
TEAM Division  MC00024  CWS-Administrative Specialist II  1
TRAC Center MC00010R CWS-Administrative Specialist II 1
Vice President of Student Success MC00017 CWS-Maverick Leader III 5
VP-Executive Suite  MC00039  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 

LSC-Conroe Center

Financial Aid  CN00001  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist II 

LSC-System Office

LSC-System Office Work Study positions are handled by LSC-Montgomery

Accounts Payable  SO00001  CWS-Business Services Specialist  
Corporate College  SO0002  CWS-Administrative Specialist   2
Veterans Affairs Center  SO0003  CWS-Administrative Specialist  I  2

LSC-North Harris

Adjunct Center for Excellence  NH00022  CWS- Administrative Specialist 1 
Admissions   NH00016  CSW-Administrative Specialist II  2
Admissions  NH00024 CWS-Administrative Specilaist I  8
Admissions/ESOL NH00010 CWS-Administrative Specialist I 1
Business Office NH00004 CWS-Business Services Specialist I 3
Business Office  NH00021  CWS-Business Services Specialist II  2
Cometology  NH00028  CWS-Administrative Specialist II  4
Financial Aid NH00017  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist II  4
Financial Aid  NH00027  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist I  1
Health and Human Services NH00015 CWS-Administrative Specialist II 1
Honors College  NH00014  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Learning Accommodations  NH00019  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Learning Center NH00002 CWS-Learning Center Specialist II 4
Learning Center NH00012 CWS-Administrative Specialist II 4
Mathematics NH0009 CWS-Admin/Teachers Assistant I 2
Nursing  NH00020  CWS-Lab Specialist I  1
Office of Academic Success NH00025  CWS-Administrative Specialist II  3
Public Relations & Community Outreach  NH00003  CWS-Call Center Specialist I 
Public Relations & Community Outreach NH00008 CWS-Events Specialist I 1
Social Science  NH00029  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Student Life NH00005 CWS-Student Life Specialist I 1
Student Life NH00011 CWS-Student Life Specialist I 3
Student Outreach and Recruitment NH00013 CWS-Administrative Specialist II 6
Student Outreach and Recruitment  NH00026  CWS-Administrative Specialist I
Transfer Center NH00007 CWS-Transfer Center Specialist I 2
Trio Student Support Services NH00018 CWS-Trio Specialist I 2
Women's Resource Center  NH00006  CWS- Administrative Specialist 1 1

LSC-Greenspoint Center

Admissions  GP00002 CWS-Student Services Specialist I 
Extended Learning Center  GP00001  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Extended Learning Center   GP00006  CWS-Learning Center Specialist I 
Financial Aid  GP00003R CWS-Financial Aid Specialist II  3
Financial Aid GP00005 CWS-Financial Aid Specialist I 2
Instructional Support GP00004 CWS-Administrative Specialist  2

LSC-Victory Center

Admissions  VC00004  CWS - Administrative Specialist II  2
Business Office  VC00002  CWS-Business Office Specialist I  4
Continuing Education  VC00003  CWS-Administrative Specialist II   3
Financial Aid  VC00005  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist II  2
Financial Aid VC00007 CWS-Financial Aid Specialist I  1
Learning Center   VC00001  CWS-Learning Center Specialist II  3
Learning Center  VC00006  CWS-Learning Specialist I 3
Student Services/Admissions  VC0009  CWS - Administrative Specialist I 1


Advising & Counseling  TC00004  CWS-Administrative Specialist  II 
COTE  TC00015  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Center for Civic Engagement  TC00023  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Disability Lab TC00003  CWS-Student Worker I, Lab Specialist 3
Drama  TC00006  CWS-Administrative Specialist  I 
Extended Learning Center TC00001 CWS-Learning Center Specialist II 3
Extended Learning Center  TC00016  CWS-Peer Tutor Specialist I 
Financial Aid TC00019  CWS - FA Specialist II  2
Financial Aid  TC00020  CWS- FA Specialist  III 
Fine Arts  TC00008  CWS-Lab Specialist I 
Honors College TC00012 CWS-Administrative Specialist I 2
Library  TC00005  CWS-Library Specialist II 
OTS  TC00022  CWS-OTS Specialist III 
Occupational Therapy Assistant Program  TC00017 CWS - OTA Specialist II 1
Performing Art Center  TC00011  CWS-PAC Specialist III 
ROaDi  TC00010  CWS-Roadi Specialist I  3
ROaDi   TC00014  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist II 
Student Life  TC00002  CWS-Student Life Specialist II  4
Wellness Center  TC00018  CWS-Wellness Center Specialist II  2

LSC-University Park

Admissions & Outreach   UP00008  CWS-Admissions & Outreach Specialist III  1
Business & Auxiliary Services UP00002 CWS-Business Services Specialist I 2
College Relations UP00010 CWS-Multimedia Technician II 1
Student Development UP00011  CWS-Student Services Specialist III  1
ELC-Homework Hotspot  UP00023  CWS - Administrative Specialist II 
Energy and Manufacturing Institute UP00013 CWS-Administrative Specialist II 2
Engineering, Business and Technol  UP00024  CWS - Administrative Specialist II 
Engineering, Business and Technol  UP00025  CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Financial Aid UP00017 CWS-Financial Aid Specialist 1 2
Financial Aid   UP00027  CWS-Financial Aid Specialist II 
HR  UP00020 CWS-Administrative Specialist I 
Honors  UP00007  CWS-Administrative Specialist II 
Innovation & Strategies  UP00018  CWS-Administrative Specialist I  2
Instruction UP00001 CWS-Administrative Specialist I 2
(ORIE)-OERS UP00004 CWS-Analyst I 1
OTS UP00022 CWS-Administrative Specialist II  2
Office of Student Life  UP00026  CWS-Administrative Specialist I  1
Professional Development UP00003  CWS-Administrative Specialist III  2
Science  UP00019  CWS-Administrative Specialist II  1
Student LRC/Library  UP00014  CWS-Administrative Specialist I
Student Learning Resource Center/Tutoring UP00015 CWS-Administrative Specialist I 1
Student Life UP00006  CWS-Student Life Specialist II  1
Student Records/Transcripts  UP00016  CWS-Records Specialist I  1
Student Services  UP00005  CWS-Student Services Specialist III  1