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Hazardous Materials Minimization

Hazardous Materials Minimization


  • Order only the exact volumes to be used.
  • Work with your Procurement representative to monitor chemical purchases and avoid duplicate orders.
  • When ordering chemicals, be aware of any properties that may prevent long term storage.
  • Use suppliers who can provide quick delivery of small quantities.


  • Promote sharing among common users.
  • Rotate chemical stock to keep chemicals from becoming outdated.
  • Locate surplus and unused chemicals, and then attempt to redistribute unused chemicals to other users.
  • Attempt to return unused chemicals to vendor. 


  • Review experiment protocol to assure that chemical use is minimized.
  • Microscale experiments using microtechnology wherever possible. 
  • Use less hazardous or non-hazardous substitutes when feasible. 
  • Instead of wet chemical techniques, use instrumental methods that will generally require smaller quantities of chemicals. 
  • Reuse spent solvent for initial cleaning, and then use fresh solvent only for final rinse. 
  • Substitute specialty detergents for sulfuric acid/chromic acid cleaning solutions. 
  • Distill and reuse solvents. 
  • Avoid mixing hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
  • Review literature for additional techniques applicable to your particular processes.

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