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  • Preventing Visual Discomfort
    Computer work areas can present complex visual needs due to lighting, reflections, glare, and prolonged use of the eyes.
  • Tips for Lifting Safety
    • Pre-plan
    • Increase balance
    • Bend at your knees
    • Lift using your leg muscles
    • Hold the load close to your body
  • Tips for Pipetting
    • Sit supported against the backrest of your chair.
    • Elevate your chair rather than reaching up to pipette.
    • Alternate or use both hands to pipette.
    • Use light force or two hands to change tips
    • Take a 1 to 2 minute break after every 20 minutes of pipetting.
  • Tips for Using a Computer Workstation
    Repetition, awkward posture, high force levels and eye strain should be considered when using a computer.
  • Tips for Using a Microscope
    • Use a chair that provides good back support.
    • Spread microscope work throughout the day and between several people, if possible.
    • Take breaks.

  • Tips for Working in a Laboratory
    Activities conducted in a lab, such as using pipettes and microscopes can put stress on your body.

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