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Laboratory Safety Training Requirements

Laboratory Safety Training Requirements

Training requirements depend on the nature of work being done. Faculty, staff and students working in a lab should select training courses based on the types of hazards that could be encountered. Everyone must be properly trained before beginning their work, given new assignments, or when new hazards are introduced.

Meeting safe work practices and training requirements at LSCS is a cooperative effort:

  • All are responsible for performing their work in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Knowledge of appropriate work practices and health and safety rules is essential.
  • All individuals working in a laboratory with or around hazardous materials are required to review the Laboratory Safety Manual provided by their department and any additional training specific to the hazards of their laboratory.
  • Supervisors are responsible for providing and documenting the initial and continuing health and safety training necessary to allow employees to perform their work appropriately.
  • Supervisors should provide frequent work observations of employees and students and promptly correct unsafe work habits.

Contact your Laboratory Manager with questions regarding safety training requirements or offerings.

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