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Reporting an Injury, Dnagerous Occurrences & Occupational Ill Health

How to Report an Injury - Accidents, Dangerous Occurences and Occupational Ill Health

Step #1: Get Medical Attention

  1. On-campus Injuries:
    • Employees and students should seek medical attention while on campus by calling X9-911 or X5911 from any campus phone or 9-1-1 or (281) 290-5911 from any telephone.
    • Medical treatment is limited to first aide as provided first responders until external resources are available.
    • LSCS does not have a physician on staff.
  2. Off-campus Injuries:
    • If an injury occurs off the LSCS campus, use the nearest designated facility for your location.
  3. Local public health resources:
    • Local public health department
    • Local hospitals, clinics, and physician offices
      • For more information go to CAMPUS HEALTH or visit your health care insurance carrier.

Step #2: Complete Necessary Forms

  1. LSCS Incident Report & Referral for Medical Treatment Form
    1. Required as a record that an injury or illness was reported
    2. Take the completed form to LSCS Office of Risk Management. If an employee you may also work through your local Human Resource Representative.
    3. Your medical provider will describe your received treatment and any work restrictions or future appointments
    4. Be sure to return the form to your Human Resource representative after treatment
  2. Workers' Compensation Claim Form & Notice of Potential Eligibility
    1. Use if treatment beyond first aid is required
    2. Must be provided by a supervisor within one day of the report of injury or illness
    3. Also supply the pamphlet When an Injury Occurs (see Related Information) which answers questions and provides telephone numbers.
    4. Contact the Office of Risk Management for the appropriate forms.

Step #3: Report the Injury to LSCS Risk Management

  1. Contact LSCS Risk Management within 8 hours for SERIOUS injuries
    1. Provide the necessary information when reporting a serious injury:
    • Employee name, title and department
    • Supervisor name and phone
    • Your name, title, department and contact information
    • Date, time and location of incident
    • Description of what happened
    • Whether or not employee received medical treatment and, if so, where
  2. If serious injuries are not reported within 8 hours, departments can be fined
  3. Serious injuries are listed on the Serious Injury Poster (see Related Information)
  4. Contact Risk Management within 24 hours for ALL injuries

    Risk Management
    Janice Cannan-Weldon, J.D.,A.U.
    Director, Risk Management

    Joan R. Murdoch, CSRM
    Program Coordinator

    Phone: 832.813.6510
    Fax: 832.813.6509