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Sharps Contaminated with Chemicals


Sharps Contaminated with Chemicals
Sharps contaminated with hazardous chemicals includes needles, wires, razor blades, scalpels, pippets, capillary tubes, etc. containing residual trace amounts of extremely hazardous chemicals. These items require special handling and disposal. Consult the list of extremely hazardous wastes for more information.

  • Dispose in plastic or other hard-sided, puncture-proof sharps container that can be sealed closed.
  • This sharps container cannot be red in color.
  • Cardboard containers are not allowed.
  • The sharps container must not have the words "Biohazard" or "Infectious" or the biohazard symbol anywhere on the container.
  • No infectious material will be accepted in this waste stream.
  • Attach a completed LSCS hazardous waste tag to the container.
  • Follow your department’s documented procedures for disposal or contact your campus Facilities Department.