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Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders are used in some labs or shop areas, such as Welding. It is important to consider disposal needs during the procurement process. Your purchasing decisions could affect your disposal costs.

Non-refillable cylinders of compressed gases, such as lecture bottles, are expensive to dispose. To minimize disposal costs for these cylinders you can:

  • Buy from manufactures that will accept returns of both empty and partially empty cylinders.
  • Buy compressed gases in refillable gas cylinders.
  • Buy only what is needed so the cylinder can be disposed of as empty (if necessary, buy a non-refillable bottle).

Cylinder Disposal Procedures

  • Label each container with a completed Hazardous Waste Tag.
  • If possible indicate how much material remains in the cylinder.
  • All partially full cylinders must have a proper valve cap prior to pick-up by Facilities personnel.
  • If the cylinder is completely empty (no material will escape if the valve is opened), write "EMPTY" with a marker both on the label and on the cylinder.
  • Contact the campus Facilities Department for disposal.