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Lab Cleanouts

Laboratory cleanouts involve the removal of excess amounts of chemicals from laboratories. Since this can often involve many containers, tagging individual containers may not be feasible. Filling out the lab cleanout form may be a better option rather than individually tagging each container. Your campus Facilities Department can assist you with your unique situation.

Lab cleanouts should be conducted when:

  • The lab is being closed down (prior to shut down)
  • The lab is moving (prior to move)
  • The lab has accumulated an excess of chemicals not being used
  • Lab clean-out procedures:

Requesting a Lab Cleanout:

  • We recommend that you submit a Work Request at least three weeks prior to needing chemicals removed. This time will be needed to complete the process in order to follow all of the hazardous waste regulations properly.
  • Complete a Facilities Work Request requesting a Lab Cleanout online.
  • Tagging Containers:
    • If you have 50 containers or less, then tag each container with a Hazardous Waste Tag, otherwise
    • If you have 50 or more containers, then contact the campus Facilities Department to assist in determining the best option for you.
    • Unknown chemicals are very costly to dispose of. Be sure that the contents of all chemical containers are known.
  • Where necessary, the Facilities Department will send a technician to your lab for an initial evaluation, provide you with labeling and segregation instructions, and schedule a pick-up date.

Important Note: The associated department is ultimately responsible for cleaning out a lab. Please schedule your cleanouts before you move away.