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ATM Safety

The following crime prevention tips can help make the use of an ATM safer for you:

  • Memorize your PIN code – do not carry it in your purse or wallet
  • Keep your PIN to yourself.
  • Select an ATM located inside an open building
  • Use an ATM located in a highly visible, well-lighted area.
  • If you notice loitering or suspicious activities near the ATM, walk away.
  • If others are nearby, do not let them see which buttons you press.
  • If making a withdrawal after dark have someone come with you.
  • Keep the time spent at the ATM to a minimum – count your money in a safe place.
  • Avoid withdrawing large sums of cash.
  • Be aware of your surroundings while using an ATM. Cancel your transaction immediately and leave if you notice anything suspicious.
  • Always take your receipt with you.
  • Report suspicious activities to the LSCS Police at X5911 (or 281.290.5911) immediately if using an ATM on campus.
  • For all other reports of suspicious activities to 9-1-1.