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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Grammar Grammar Blast interactive games providing practice with grammar:
Free grammar exercises:
Self-grading English grammar quizzes:
Electronic grammar course:
Oral Communication English Pronunciation:
Writing Practice writing quizzes:
Interactive quizzes practicing grammar and writing:
TOEFL Writing practice: Review explanations and complete practice exercises once understood.
Other resources English exercises: reading, writing, grammar, & more
Language Guide: English
Learn English: All English components for learning the English language:
Grammar Lessons:
English Pronunciation:
English Vocabulary:



Dictionaries & Vocabularies

Online Dictionaries

French-English & English-French Dictionary -These dictionaries contain about 75,000 terms.
Online French Synonyms -Synonyms of French terms and expressions.
Verbix French Conjugator
The Internet Picture Dictionary: French
English-French Vocabulary Quizzes
SmartPhrase.com - 1000s of useful French words & phrases for travelers to France.
Learn French Vocabulary with Buxton Online
Verb Conjugator
Learn French: Vocabulary Lists
Vocabulary Training

French Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Spelling

French Expressions: idiomatic French expressions, proverbs, and clichés
French Grammar Central
French Online Grammar Quiz
French Grammar and Other Resources
French Verbs - Verbes Français: Lessons, exercises, and quizzes on French verbs.
Idiomatic Expressions
Common Expressions
Language & Literature

French in Action - A video instructional series in French for college and high school classrooms and adult learners

Philippe Dijian
French Grammar Central
About.com - from literature, radio, fun stuff,... to translation, travel, and much more.
Anthologie de la poésie francophone de tous les temps
ArtelL Project - University of Chicago
Athena Textes Francais - links, links, links
Bibliothèque nationale de France - English version available
First year French Grammar -Exercises and web activities from UT Austin v
French Early Modern Literature - from the University of Tennessee at Martin
The French Page/ La Page française - from Appalachian State University
LIRE français -some English
University of Otawa - Resources for French students and teachers
Art Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers
Le Film Français - French film magazine
Musée du Louvre - English and Spanish versions available
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
News Le Monde - Homepage of the definitive French newspaper.
L'Express - Weekly magazine, similar to Newsweek or Time, in French.
Réseaux-Télécom - A business journal.
Agence France-Presse
Les Echos
Libération - Daily Parisian newspaper
Radio France - Listen to the French radio live
RFI , Radio France Internationale - Listen to radio live.
General Interest

France.com - Business, culture, and travel links, in English

FranceWAY - French culture and heritage, in English
Informacions générales sur la France, serveur du ministère des Affaires Etrangères
Le ministère de la culture et de la communication - English version available
Serveur du service de presse et d'information de l'Ambassade de France aux Estats-Unis
Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links




Alto Adige (Italy)

Corriere della Sera (Italy)
Il Gazzettino (Italy)
Il Mondo (Italy)
La Repubblica (Italy)
Qui Italia (Italy)



Dictionaries/Thesaurus Online Dictionaries
Webster's Dictionary with Spanish/English translation
Word reference
Verbix--Conjugate Verbs
Regionalismos de la Lengua Española
Diccionario de Antónimos | Diccionario de Sinónimos | Conjugador de Verbos
Grammar Gramática: Assistance learning the various grammar rules
Spanish Grammar Exercises
Spanish About.com
Learn Spanish: Online tutorials
Vocabulary Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer
Increase your vocabulary using You Know the Drill:
Sign-up for FREE practice learning vocabulary for various different languages
Oral Communication Practice Spanish Pronunciation:  Fonética: Los sonidos del español
Pronunciation Online Practice: Spanish Pronunciation
Reading/Newspapers Clarín Argentina:  http://www.clarin.com/
Lanacion Argentina: http://www.clarin.com/
Los Tiempos Bol: http://www.lostiempos.com/
Zero HOra Brazil: http://www.clicrbs.com.br/
Lanacion Costa Rica: http://www.nacion.com/
El norte Mexico: http://www.elnorte.com/
El universal Mexico: http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/noticias.html
Reforma Mexico: http://www.reforma.com/
La República Peru: http://www.larepublica.pe/
List of various other newspapers: http://newslink.org/euspan.html
General Interest Destinos - A video instructional series in Spanish for college and high school classrooms and adult learners
Recovery Project
Cervantes Project -Information on the life and works of Cervantes (some English)
Fundación Juan Ramón Jiménez
La Conquista de America -Antology of select texts in Spanish
Patriagrande.net Búsqueda - Links to Eduardo Galeano, Jose Marti, Juan Antonio Corretjer
Mundo Latino - Rincón Literario -Comprehensive list of Spanish literary sites in Latin America.
Pablo Neruda

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