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The Language Lab offers online and face-to-face appointments, on a first-come, first-served basis. Language help is typically available in the Language Lab (G104) and the Language tutoring lab (G101). The Language Lab is equipped with 22 computer stations, individual headphones, iPads with specialized programs that offer students complementary support.  It also offers reading, conversation practice and Audio/visual resources, Spanish Movies (DVD), books on Hispanic Culture, websites for learning Spanish and free software programs like Rosetta Stone and American Speech. In addition, the Language Lab provides instructional support such as class orientations & in-person class instruction. Instructors are welcome to reserve the Language Lab for an entire class. All services are free and open to the community ! For more information or to make an appointment, visit Tutoring Services.

Online Resources

English speakers interested in learning new languages can look to this resource page for online dictionaries, grammar exercises, literature, art, and news syndicates.
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ESOL Activities

Engaging in activities and converstions with peers and instructor can provide meaningful opportunities for students to regularly listen to and speak English. For more information, contact Professor Kendra.Johnson@lonestar.edu.

Spanish Club - El Club de Español

The Spanish club provides a support network for students interested in learning more about the Spanish language and various Hispanic cultures. Participation opens a variety of opportunities that support cultural, social, intellectual, and physical development that will enhance your overall college experience.
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El Club de Español es un centro de apoyo para los estudiantes interesados en aprender más sobre el idioma español y  sobre la diversidad de la cultura hispana. La participación activa le ofrece una variedad de oportunidades que favorecen el desarrollo cultural, social, intelectual, físico, mejorando así su experiencia general en la universidad.
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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Support / Ayuda para los estudiantes de inglés como segundo idioma (ESOL)

Non-Native English speakers interested in improving their English and writing can schedule an appointment with a writing consultant. For more information vitst, The Write Place
Para los estudiantes de inglés como segundo idioma interesados en mejorar su inglés, pueden hacer una cita con nuestros expertos tutores de nglés y escritura. Para mayor información visite, The Write Place




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