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Language Lab: Tutoring Policies

Preparation, Appointments, and Cancellations

  1. Making the Most of the Session: If relevant, students should bring with them any written instructions provided by their instructor for the assignment on which they will be working. They should allow a minimum of 24 hours between the session and the assignment’s due date.
  2. Scheduling Appointments: All appointments are for 1 hour, and they must be scheduled one at a time. Appointments cannot be set more than one week in advance.
  3. Late Arrivals: The tutor will allow a five-minute grace period for the student to show up for an appointment. After five minutes, the appointment will be forfeited and marked as a “No-show.”
  4. Cancellations: If a student is not able to attend an appointment, he or she should notify The Language Lab as soon as possible. Cancellations that occur with fewer than six hours notice from the scheduled appointment time will be considered no-shows.
  5. No-Show Policy: If, for any reason, a student) misses two scheduled appointments, he or she will not be permitted to schedule appointments for the remainder of the current semester. The student may continue to use walk-in services when tutors are available.
  6. Number of Sessions: A student may schedule a maximum of one appointment per week for a total of one hour per week or two 30-minute sessions.

Language Lab Procedures and Expectations

  1. Students should sign in and out at the computer near the door.
  2. Computers are reserved for academic use only, particularly language–learning tasks.
  3. Printing is not available in the computer lab.
  4. Speaking volume must be low to avoid distracting others.
  5. Cell phone use is prohibited in the language lab. 
  6. No eating and drinking at the computers. All trash must be thrown away. Before leaving, students should return chairs to their original positions.



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