Emergency Management Plan

The Lone Star College (LSC) Emergency Management Plan (EMP) outlines our approach to emergency operations, and is applicable to all LSC locations and departments. The EMP provides general guidance for emergency management activities and an overview of our methods in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The plan describes our emergency response organization and assigns responsibilities for various emergency tasks.

The EMP provides a framework for the annexes that describe in detail who does what, when, and how. The primary audience for the document includes our senior leadership, emergency management team members, department heads and their senior staff members, leaders of local volunteer organizations and government agencies that support LSC emergency operations, and others who may participate in our mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

The Basic Plan includes Annexes and detail plans specific for a campus or department. The Basic Plan also defines Lines of Succession, Readiness Levels, and Administration and support. All LSC Departments have some part of the LSC EMP and Annexes. The Executive Summary of the EMP and Annexes are provided below. A copy of the detail plan is available on the LSC Intranet at https://mylonestar.sharepoint.com/sites/OEM/OEM%20Forms/Forms/AllItems.aspx or may be provided upon request.

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