Why is 8 Great?

Set Your Own Pace for 8 Week Classes!

You can accomplish so much in just 8 weeks at LSC-CyFair!

We know you’re busy! Let us help you achieve your goals taking our 8-week courses designed with the demands of your life in mind.

These courses are focused and flexible. Need to balance work and family while taking courses? You can take two classes at a time and still finish your degree in 2 years! Part-time students who take one 8-week course at a time may be eligible for financial aid benefits … and can set a pace to complete in only 3 years! First and second 8-week courses below are offered during the daytime, evenings, and online to fit into your schedule:

  • 8 is great at LSC-CyFair!Biology 1401, 1407, 1408, 2401, 2404
  • Chemistry 1405,1411,1412
  • Philosophy 1301, 2303
  • Psychology 2301
  • Arts 1301,1303, 1304
  • Speech 1301,1311, 1318, 1321
  • Math 1314, 1350, 1351
  • Economics 2301, 2302
  • English 1301,1302
  • Geology 1303
  • Government 2305,2306
  • History 1301, 1302

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LSC-Cypress Center

8 is Great at LSC-Cypress Center!Our LSC-Cypress Center offers workforce programs that allow you to earn your entire Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in just two years taking 8-week courses! Choose from four in-demand industry programs below:

  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Industrial Electronics Technology
  • Engineering Design Technology  

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LSC-Westway Park Technology Center

8 is Great at LSC-Westway Park Technology Center!Our LSC-Westway Park Technology Center offers the following programs as a combination of 4-month and 2-month courses with more than half of the classes in an 8-week format:

  • Network Specialization-Cisco
  • Computer Programming
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mobile/Web Application Development
  • Network and Computer System Administration

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