LSC-Cypress Center Online Tutoring

Since in-person tutoring has resumed, online tutoring services are only being offered by request/appointment in all subjects other than English/Writing assignments. English/Writing tutoring is provided in-person, as well as through virtual, asynchronous tutoring via BrainFuse and the Cypress Writing Center Mailbox. Instructions for submissions to the BrainFuse Writing Lab and the Cypress Writing Center Mailbox is located below.

If you have any questions or would like to  schedule a virtual tutoring session in subjects other than English/Writing, please call Cypress Center Tutoring at (832) 920-5080 to speak with a tutor in the discipline/subject area you need tutoring in, during the tutor's scheduled tutoring hours. The schedule can be found on the right-hand side of the LSC Cypress Center Tutoring Program's webpage.

How to use our Online Tutoring Services?

In addition to online English/ Writing tutoring in any subject or disciplne, The Cypress Center Tutoring Center offers opportunities for online tutoring (by request only) in the following courses:

ACCT 2301 BIOL 2402 MATH 0310 MATH 2413
ACCT 2302 BIOL 2404 MATH 0314 MATH 2414
ACCT 1303 CHEM 1405 MATH 1314 MATH 2415
ACCT 1371 CHEM 1411 MATH 1316 PHYS 1401
ACCT 1372 CHEM 1412 MATH 1324 PHYS 1402
ACCT 2303 CHEM 2423 MATH 1325 PHYS 2425
ACCT 2304 CHEM 2425 MATH 1342 PHYS 2426
BIOL 2401 MATH 0308 MATH 2412  

Students have several options for virtual tutoring:


Brainfuse Online Tutoring Services

Brainfuse is an online tutoring service that provides live, on-demand help and is currently available to all students. Students can also schedule appointments with LSC-registered tutors through Brainfuse Tutor Match.

Brainfuse provides:

  • Instant access to live help for college students in core subjects.
  • 24/7/365 access.
  • 90 minutes of tutoring each semester for all students.
    (If you have any questions regarding Brainfuse minutes, please contact onlineadvisor@lonestar.edu.)
  • Live, one-to-one online tutoring in all major Higher Ed subjects.

How to access BrainFuse and schedule an appointment in Tutor Match (This step comes after you've verbally confirmed an appointment day and time with a Cypress Center tutor, if you choose to work with a Cypress Center tutor specifically):

Accessing Brainfuse

  1. In myLoneStar, click LSC-Online.
  2. Click Online Tutoring.
    Identifies the Online Tutoring link.


Brainfuse Services

Brainfuse offers two services that LSC student can take advantage of: Tutor Match and Live Tutoring. When you click on a Brainfuse link, you will be taken to the Brainfuse Dashboard.

Shows Brainfuse dashboard


Option 1: Brainfuse Tutor Match

Brainfuse Tutor Match allows LSC students to schedule live online tutoring sessions with LSC-registered tutors for assistance in various Math courses, Chemistry, Physics, Science, and Biology. This service is free to use and has no time cap. This should be your first choice. Through Tutor Match, students will connect with tutors using the Brainfuse Whiteboard. 

Brainfuse Tutor Match screenshot

A Tutor Match session is typically limited to 30 minutes, so please have your questions ready. If your tutor sees that you could benefit from an extended session and he or she is available, then they may extend the session.

To schedule an appointment, in the Tutor Match box, select a topic and a subject and click the Schedule button.

Indicates Tutor Match scheduling

For more information on Tutor Match, see Use TutorMatch in Brainfuse


Option 2: Brainfuse Live Tutoring

If there are no tutors available in Tutor Match, the student can choose Live Tutoring. Live Tutoring provides instant access to an online Brainfuse tutor. Students have access to Brainfuse online tutoring services through the Lone Star College Virtual Learning Assistance Center (VLAC). Please click on this link to find out more information: https://vlac.lonestar.edu/help/a366?

How to schedule an appointment in Brainfuse Live Help

Step 1: Log into your course in D2L and click on the Brainfuse link
Brainfuse checkbox screenshot
Note: if you do not see this link please ask your instructor.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment in Live Help

Each student has 90 minutes per semester of Live Tutoring available. (If you have any questions regarding Brainfuse minutes, please contact onlineadvisor@lonestar.edu)

To connect with a live tutor, in the Live Help box, select a topic and a subject and click the Connect button.


Online English/Writing Tutoring

The purpose of a paper review is to assist students with basic grammar, thesis statement development, organization, and critical thinking. Tutors will not proofreader/edit papers and will not change the voice or tone of the studentís paper. The central role of the tutor is to offer suggestions and to assist with brainstorming, to encourage independent learning and to develop the studentís writing style and critical thinking skills.

Same day paper review is not available. Please allow up to 48 hours from the time you submit your paper if it is submitted between Monday and Thursday and up to 72 hours for papers submitted between Friday and Sunday. Students have 24/7/365 access to BrainFuse and to the Cypress Center Writing Center (CYCWC) mailbox.

Option 3: Brainfuse Writing Lab

For asynchronous English and Writing tutoring: Once you are logged into BrainFuse, find the Writing Lab tab on the right-hand side of the home page and select 'Submit Paper'. Next, select 'Lone Star College Writing Tutor Review', then click on 'Select'. Enter all the required information and then finally upload your document and hit 'Submit'. You should receive your reviewed paper back within one business day, unless you submit between Thursday and Sunday; the turnaround time is a little longer.


Option 4: Writing Center Email Paper Review

Please adhere to following instructions for submitting a paper via the Writing Centerís email-based service:

To submit your paper to the Writing Center, you must address an email using your Lone Star College Email to CypressWC@lonestar.edu and include the following information:

  • Your name (First and Last)
  • Your LSC student ID#
  • The course name and number (Ex: ENGL 1301)
  • Your professorís name
  • The due date for the assignment
  • The time the assignment is due
  • Assignment Description (Ex: Research Paper)
  • A Microsoft Word compatible copy of your assignment instructions
  • A Microsoft Word compatible copy of your paper

IMPORTANT:  Tutors can only review 2 drafts of any assignment.

If you omit any of the above information, your paper will not be reviewed. Thank you for using the Writing Center for your academic needs!


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