Office of External & Employer Relations

Linda L. Head, Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor

Office of External & Employer Relations

The Office of External & Employer Relations is a multifaceted office as the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of this esteemed institution, I am delighted to share how our various departments collaboratively contribute to fostering connections between academia, industry, and the community.

Administration & Special Projects:
The Administration & Special Projects department serves as the backbone of our office, facilitating seamless coordination and strategic planning. We ensure that the various functions and initiatives are executed efficiently and that our collaborative efforts remain aligned with the overarching goals of the college.

The Office of External and Employer Relations stands as a crucial bridge between our college and the world beyond. By fostering relationships, aligning programs with industry needs, and contributing to community growth, we aim to create a holistic educational experience that goes beyond the classroom.


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Our Continuing Education department serves as a resource for individuals seeking to expand their skill sets or pursue new career paths. We offer a diverse range of courses, workshops, and certificates designed to empower professionals at all stages of their careers.

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Recognizing the unique needs of our veteran students, this department provides comprehensive support and resources to help them transition seamlessly into college life and beyond.

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Our Job Placement services connect students and alumni with potential employers, aiding them in securing part-time and full-time positions. We actively engage with industry partners to ensure a pipeline of opportunities for our graduates.

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The Economic Development team actively participates in fostering regional economic growth by facilitating partnerships between the university and local industries. We drive partnerships within entrepreneurship and support a variety of businesses.

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This department focuses on the creation and enhancement of workforce development programs that bridge the gap between education and employment. Through rigorous research and partnerships with industry leaders, we tailor our academic offerings to align with the evolving needs of the job market.

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The Corporate College extends our college's expertise to businesses by providing customized training solutions. Through this department, we collaborate closely with companies to design training programs that address their specific needs and challenges.

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Linda L. Head
Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor

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