LSC-North Harris Fitness Center

Hours are subject to change during semester breaks, holidays, and summer sessions.
Monday through Thursday  Friday Saturday
7:00am - 9:00am & 2:00pm - 8:00pm  11:00am - 7:00pm  8:00am - 2:00pm 

Fitness Classes:














 Boot Camp








Aerobic Classes                                       LOW ANNUAL FEE!
Gymnasium                                              $100.00   Individual
Nautilus Equipment                                  $150.00   Family
Bike Room    
Weight Room                                           SEMESTER FEE!
Racquetball Courts                                   $30.00   Student Family
Tennis Courts                                           $30.00   Faculty/Staff Family
Table Tennis    
Badminton                                               GUEST FEE!
Towel Service                                          $5.00   per day/guest
Volleyball Courts    
And much more!  

The Department of Recreational Sports welcomes the community for their recreational activities. If anyone would like to schedule an event using our facilities, stop by HPE-106 or call 281-618-5659 to get more information on how to go about doing so. A scheduling contract form must be completed and all organizations will need to provide proof of insurance.

NOTE: Neither LSC-North Harris nor the Department of Recreation Sports provides medical insurance coverage for participants in any of its programs.  yoga

Participation in all intramural and Recreational Sports Programs is completely voluntary. Individuals participate at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own health and safety. LSC-North Harris and the Department of Recreational Sports are not liable for injuries sustained during participation in any of its programs.

A physical is recommended for people over the age of 40.

  1. Academic classes, recreational sports tournaments, and Community Education programs have priority in all areas of the facilities.
  2. A college photo ID or community membership card is required for all individuals who use the facility.
  3. Memberships for student, faculty/staff family and individual community memberships may be obtained through the Recreational Sports Office, HPE-106. 
  4. Recreational Sports staff will be responsible for maintaining a safe environment in all facilities during open recreation hours. All workers have been trained to handle emergencies, answer questions, report complaints and solve routine problems. 
  5. All students, faculty and staff must abide by all policies established for the use of the facilities. Participants are expected to be responsible, courteous and respectful of other participants and staff. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the facility may cause a user to lose program privileges. 
  6. Proper dress is required at all times. Gym shoes must be worn by all participants. clothing that is not worn during activity such as sweats, jackets and/or hats are not allowed in the activity areas. Lockers are provided in dressing rooms to store all personal belongings. 
  7. Clothing with exposed rivets or zippers are not allowed. 
  8. A shirt must be worn at all times. 
  9. Any jewelry worn must be that which does not pose a danger to self or other participants. Staff members have the authority to instruct participants to remove any jewelry that is perceived as dangerous. 
  10. Physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. 
  11. No food or drinks will be allowed in activity areas. 
  12. The use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs in any form is prohibited in all areas. 
  13. Gum chewing is not allowed in any activity area. 
  14. No dunking or hanging on rims allowed. 
  15. All injuries must be reported to staff immediately. An accident report will be filled out and a determination will be made as to further care or assistance. 
  16. North Harris College is not responsible for injuries or accidents that may occur during recreation hours or participation in other recreational activities sponsored by the department. 
  17. No children are allowed unless they are a part of a membership and only during youth hours posted.

Weight Roomweight room

There are high risk factors that are associated with improper practices in the weight room area. For this reason, the following regulations must be used:

  1. All participants must wear full T-shirts. No sleeveless t's, sports bras or tank tops. NO EXCEPTIONS! 
  2. Blue jeans and clothing with zippers are not allowed. 
  3. Spotters are mandatory for all lifts using squat, incline, or bench press racks. 
  4. All weights must be re-racked after use. 
  5. Belts are not to be worn.

Bike room

Equipped with exercise cycles, test cycles, recumbent cycle, free weights and treadmill

Racquetball Courts

Due to the limited amount of courts, a reservation procedure will be in effect in the event of overcrowding. Court reservations can be made up to 24 hours in advance for use. Reservations may be made by calling the Recreational Sports Office at 281-618- 5659 or stopping by HPE-106. All individuals must show a facility pass to secure a court.

*Protective eye guards are MANDATORY!

Tennis Courtstennis courts

LSC-North Harris has 8 courts that are managed by the Department of Recreational Sports. These courts may be used during designated Recreational Sports times. Academic classes and Intramural activities have priority and are not to be interrupted for recreational use. Reservations can be made in advance by contacting the Department of Recreational Sports Office. Reservations are limited to one full semester for organized events.

Court Policies:

  1. Court usage will be limited to 4 players per court 
  2. No glass containers allowed 
  3. No loud music 
  4. No bicycles or skates allowed 
  5. Private lessons must be authorized by the Recreational Department 
  6. No children allowed, unless they are participants and are supervised by an adult (18 and over) 
  7. The collection of admission fees or the sale of any item is prohibited.


Intramural fieldsfield

These fields are for multi-purpose use including soccer, softball and flag football. Reservations may be made by contacting the Department of Recreational Sports Office. Academic classes and Intramural activities have priority at all times.


  1. Fields should be used for sports and free play 
  2. Fields are for College and Community use 
  3. The Department reserves the right to cancel play in inclement weather or any situation which jeopardizes the safety of individuals or field care. 
  4. Vehicles, including motorcycles are not permitted on the fields 
  5. Cleanup of fields, sidelines, and immediate parking area is required after use. 
  6. Any medical emergencies or medical problems should be reported immediately to the Department and Campus Police. An incident report must be filled out. 
  7. The collection of admission fees or the sale of any item is prohibited 
  8. The use of the gymnasium, racquetball courts, classrooms and all other recreational facilities must be approved by the Vice President of Administrative Services. Rental Fees will be calculated and permission granted on an individual basis.

North Harris College reserves the right to refuse any organization or individual from using its facilities.

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