LSC-Atascocita Center Tutoring

The last day for tutoring until the Fall semester will be May 10th 


Tutoring Services

Writing and Reading tutoring services are moving to face-to-face and virtual. Here are the instructions you will need in order to book a virtual appointment with a tutor:

  • How to create an account  at WCOnline
  • How to create an appointment with the tutors
  • How to access your appointment with the tutors 
  • Students should be able to cute & paste their paper in the tool white board, students papers should have their paper in a format that they can edit. For example, Word document or a text file. 

Appointments will have to made at https://lonestar.mywconline.com for Writing and Reading  tutoring during the stated hours below. Appointments can be made the same day if a slot is available.

If you have any issues please email Atascocita.Library@lonestar.edu 







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