LSC-CyFair Fitness Center Policies and Procedures

The Board of Trustees recognizes that LSC-CyFair Fitness Center was created to help meet the general educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the students, faculty, and staff. With this in mind, these facilities are made available to students, faculty, and staff when such use does not interfere with the instructional mission of the institution and is consistent with the educational community service objective. The College Facilities are not available for unrestricted use for other purposes and are not open to the public.

Rules and Regulations


Upon arrival, students, faculty and staff are required to sign-in at the front desk (CENT 114). It is mandatory to show your Lone Star College–CyFair identification card to the front desk attendant on each visit.


Students, faculty, and staff are allowed to use lockers during daily visits at no charge. Please do not leave locks on the lockers. We monitor their use and will remove any unauthorized locks. The fitness staff will not send out reminders. LSC-CyFair Fitness center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Items will not be held at the front desk.
  • Faculty/Staff locker rooms are reserved for Lone Star College–CyFair employees only. Any unauthorized person found in that area will be asked to leave the facility.

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are available for use by students, faculty, and staff when a scheduled class does not occupy it. Smooth sole tennis shoes are required.

Covered Pavilion

The covered pavilion is available for use by students, faculty and staff when a scheduled class does not occupy it.

Weight Room Policies

  • Enter the weight room mentally and physically prepared to work with proper athletic attire. Sandals, open toed shoes, boots, socks-only, jeans, jean shorts, etc. are prohibited.
  • Ask for assistance if you do not know how to use equipment.
  • Do not bring your gym bag onto the fitness floor.
  • Carry a workout towel and wipe off equipment when finished.
  • No food or colored drinks in the weight room.
  • Make sure drinking bottles have a closeable top. Do not leave containers on the ground.
  • Work out at your own fitness level. Do not try to show off and impress others.
  • Ask if you may "work in," and always let others work in.
  • When working in with someone, return the seat and weight to the last user's setup.
  • Avoid making loud sounds (banging weights, yelling, dropping dumbbells).
  • Refrain from using loud, foul or slanderous language.
  • Do not remove weights, benches or equipment from their proper place.
  • Do not sit on machines when you're between sets.
  • Be patient when waiting for equipment, and be efficient when using equipment while others are waiting for you.
  • Be aware of others around you. Don't stand in front of the weight rack while lifting; you may be blocking others from getting to the weights.
  • Return all weights to their proper place after use. Never leave weights lying on the floor.
  • If you see any potential danger or faulty equipment, report it to the staff immediately.
  • Communication in the weight room should result in enthusiasm, encouragement or a better understanding of training. Socializing should be done elsewhere.
  • Be courteous when using the drinking fountain. If there is a line, do not fill up your water bottle.
  • Do not spit in the drinking fountain.
  • Discard gum in the wastebasket.
  • Limit perfume and cologne use.
  • Absolutely no horseplay allowed in the weight room area.
  • Misuse of equipment may result in immediate expulsion.

Cardiovascular Area Policies

  • Please limit yourself to 30 minutes on all cardiovascular equipment.
  • Please wipe off controls, seats, railings when finished with your workout.
  • At the end of your workout please make sure that you push the “stop” control on the cardiovascular equipment to return the program to the start position.
  • Please warm up prior to using the equipment and cool down afterwards.
  • Please report any injuries to the facility staff.
  • If any piece of equipment is working improperly please report it immediately to the facility staff.

Free Weights

  • Re-rack weights and return all other accessories to their proper locations.
  • No weights are to be left on machines.
  • No weights are to be left on the floor.
  • Plates and dumbbells must be returned to the proper racks.
  • Use collars on all Olympic bars.
  • Do not drop or throw weights to the floor.
  • Unload bars when you finish with them. Take the weights off equally on both ends of the bar, and return weights to rack.
  • Always have at least one spotter when using free weights.
  • Please wipe off all pieces of equipment that you have come in contact with.


  • Spotters should always have their full attention on the lifter.
  • Communication is necessary between the spotter and the lifter
  • How many repetitions are going to be attempted?
  • Do they need assistance lifting the bar off the rack?
  • How much assistance will they need and on which repetition.
  • Be in ready position to either help or free the lifter of the bar do not allow bar to tilt.


  • Exhale on exertion when performing any lift.
  • Execute lifts using proper form, controlled speed, and a full normal range of motion after you have warmed-up.
  • Never bounce, jerk the weight or arch your back in an attempt to lift a heavy weight.
  • Only use the amount of weight you are prepared to lift properly.
  • Never attempt "one-shot" lifts you haven't trained or warmed up for.


All injuries must be reported to staff immediately. An accident report will be filled out and a determination will be made as to further care or assistance. LSC-CyFair is not responsible for injuries or accidents that may occur during recreation hours or participation in other recreational activities.

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