Lone Star College helps military veterans transition to civilian life

LSC & Veterans Day 2023
Lone Star College assists veterans achieve their educational and career goals. Pictured are LSC-Kingwood students Lovella Maxey, a United States Army veteran and George McMillon, a United States Marine Corps veteran.

Veterans Day is a time to reflect and express gratitude to the brave men and women who served in the United States Military, resulting in the many freedoms enjoyed today. Lone Star College recognizes military personnel’s sacrifices and works to offer specialized support, resources and educational opportunities to the 4,122 veterans enrolled in fall 2023.

"At Lone Star College, we salute the extraordinary dedication and commitment our veterans have displayed in serving our nation," said Gerald F. Napoles, Ph.D., LSC vice chancellor, Student Success. "We offer our heartfelt thanks and are committed to nurturing their academic and personal growth.”

Veterans Day, which started in 1919 after the end of World War I, is celebrated Nov. 11 each year. At LSC, Veteran Services offers a comprehensive program (advising, benefits, financial aid and registration) to help veterans like Lovella Maxey and George McMillon, LSC-Kingwood students, pair their military training with relatable college programs, leading to successful second careers.

“The greatest resource Lone Star College offers me is community services by giving me the space to meet people, acquire resources and simply be me,” said Maxey. “The college is guiding me toward a bachelor’s degree in human resources, which will fund my dream of becoming a writer.”

Maxey enlisted in the United States Army and served four years as a human resources specialist before being medically discharged. She earned an Office Management certification before leaving the Army and then enrolled at LSC-Kingwood in spring 2023. Maxey is a work-study employee in Veteran Services, serves as a senator for the Veteran’s Club and is the interim president for the Black Student Union. She plans to graduate in spring 2024 with an associate of science in Business Administration with a career track in human resources.

“I definitely encourage veterans to obtain their education because they have the benefits and today’s working world simply wants employees with an educational background,” said Maxey. “The harsh truth is depending on a veteran’s job in the military, there may not be a place for them in the civilian world, which makes finding meaningful employment harder. Also, a degree will give them the same opportunities as those who didn’t enlist in the military.”

McMillon felt trapped and didn’t know what he wanted to do in life. This path led him to join the United States Marine Corps. McMillon served five years as an administrative chief, was discharged and worked for five years in the civilian world. He quickly realized he needed a college education.

“After I left the Marines, I wanted to see the workforce, but once I did, I wasn’t able to go too far without some type of higher education,” said McMillon. “I encourage veterans to go to school, especially if they don’t know what they want to do.”

McMillon enrolled in LSC-Kingwood in fall 2023 and plans to graduate in 2026 or 2027 with an associate degree in human resources. He also works in the Veterans Center and is the treasurer for the Student Veteran’s Club. McMillon’s career goal is to be a head human resources representative.

“As an adult, I now see the value in education and without it, you can only expect the bare minimum,” said McMillon. “Lone Star College is helping me to complete my basic classes and preparing me to earn a four-year degree.”

Veterans interested in attending Lone Star College should attend an On the Spot Certification event where veteran advisors will help them with necessary certifications and resources to help them achieve their educational goals.

By providing a supportive and resource-rich environment, we aim to smooth their transition into higher education. Our goal is to empower these esteemed members of our community to build on their strengths, explore new horizons, and achieve success in their educational pursuits."

Visit LoneStar.edu/Veterans for upcoming events or to learn more about LSC Veteran Services.

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