In the Spotlight: Cesar Calderon

Cesar Calderon, LSC-North Harris Student

This month, we put the spotlight on LSC-North Harris student, Cesar Calderon. 

At 22 years old, originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey, with Colombian heritage, Cesar Calderon's journey encapsulates resilience, dedication, and the pursuit of education against odds. Graduating from Chester W. Nimitz Senior High School in 2019, Calderon's impending graduation from Lone Star College with an Associate of Arts degree after the Fall 2023 semester marks a significant milestone. 


Education, a beacon for personal and professional growth, is revered within Calderon's family. Despite the challenges posed by cerebral palsy and limited mobility, Calderon strives for financial independence through the potential work-from-home opportunities that an education could afford. 


"With an education, I can provide myself with opportunities I cannot achieve independently or that were previously unavailable," stated Calderon. As a first-generation college student, his parents' experiences, though not in higher education, have been wellsprings of wisdom and support, enriching Calderon's collegiate journey. 

Having discovered Lone Star College through proximity and positive experiences shared by peers and advisors, it became the natural choice. Lone Star College-North Harris proximity to home and diverse course delivery options, particularly online classes, adeptly accommodated his transportation limitations. 


Calderon's tenure at Lone Star College has been richly rewarding, fostering lasting connections with peers and professors passionate about his subjects. Participation in Phi Theta Kappa and TRIO Student Support Services unveiled leadership opportunities and a newfound sense of contribution, enriching his collegiate experience. 


I'm grateful for TRIO Student Support Services because they keep me on track with completing my program and taking the correct classes. I had the chance to attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo,” reflected Calderon. Calderon discovered the intrinsic value of his voice, realizing the significance of his opinions in shaping diverse viewpoints in academic discussions. 


Calderon's aspirations stretch beyond academia. With a dream to become a writer and craft a memoir, he is encouraged by his family and educators who recognize his gift for storytelling. Calderon's personal project remains a testament to his commitment to excellence, awaiting perfection before sharing his story with the world. 

Throughout Calderon's academic journey, immense gratitude is extended to his parents—especially his mom, who provides unwavering support by accompanying Calderon to campus and offering assistance during tutoring and organizational events. Calderon's father's dedicated efforts include ensuring timely transportation and unflinching support, remain pillars of strength and encouragement. 


Calderon's story exudes resilience, determination, and gratitude—a testament to overcoming challenges, embracing growth, and aspiring for a future defined by accomplishment and purpose.? 

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