In the Spotlight: Kara Barbee

Photo of Dr. Kara Barbee
Dr. Kara Barbee, Professor of Biology, LSC-North Harris

Dr. Kara Barbee, a Houston native, has woven a tapestry of academic and personal milestones rooted in family, academia, and a love for the biological sciences. With an enriching journey across education, she currently imparts her passion for biology as a revered faculty member at Lone Star College-North Harris. 

Raised in a close-knit family of four, Dr. Barbee's childhood was adorned with fond memories of quality time, reflective conversations, and strong family bonds. Her household now includes her husband, two teenage sons, and a stepdaughter on the verge of motherhood, alongside a lively crew of pets - a testament to her lifelong love for animals. 


Her academic journey, marked by a blend of small-town camaraderie and intellectual growth, commenced at Southwestern University. The nurturing environment there laid the groundwork for her subsequent academic achievements and her current pedagogical approach. This was followed by a transformative phase at Rice University, where she delved deeper into evolutionary biology, fostering a fervent passion for scientific inquiry. 


Reflecting on her role models, Dr. Barbee acknowledges her parents' unwavering guidance and attributes her commendable qualities to their profound influence.  


"My parents are my greatest influence in life. They've taught me valuable lessons that I still hold dear. I'm happy to see their positive influence on my children too," reflected Dr. Barbee. 


Though her childhood aspirations leaned towards veterinary science, her career trajectory effortlessly transitioned to academia. Initially as an adjunct faculty member, her discovery of a profound passion for teaching led her to embrace her role as a full-time educator at Lone Star College-North Harris, where she has dedicated 15 years to fostering an engaging learning environment. 


Amidst the plethora of reasons she adores working at LSC-North Harris, it's the vibrant community - comprising dedicated colleagues and motivated students that captivates her the most. Dr. Barbee epitomizes dedication, empathy, and a relentless commitment to fostering a nurturing educational environment, making an indelible mark on the lives she touches within the LSC-North Harris community.  

"I am honored to work alongside these incredible people. Speaking of incredible people, each semester I am so impressed with how talented, diligent, and motivated our students are! I enjoy meeting and working with them and seeing them succeed and move forward in their academic lives," remarked Dr. Barbee. 

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