Lone Star College loans devices to support student success

Lone Star College-Montgomery’s Device Loaner Program Continues To Empower Student Success.

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Lone Star College swiftly implemented a laptop and tablet loaner program to provide devices to students who lacked access to technology. Initially, 9 percent of Lone Star College's 85,000 students did not have a computing device, highlighting a significant digital divide within the student population.

The success of the loaner program has been remarkable since, leading to improved retention rates and increased student satisfaction. By equipping students with the necessary tools for online learning, the program has not only facilitated academic success but also fostered motivation and perseverance in their studies.

One of the standout features of the program is the innovative app developed by the college’s software development team, which streamlines the application process and scheduling of device pick-ups. This user-friendly technology not only benefits students in accessing devices but also prepares them for future use of technology in the workforce, creating a seamless transition from education to employment.

Recognizing the ongoing importance of providing students with access to technology, Lone Star College-Montgomery continues to sustain the program and ensures that barriers such as digital access do not hinder students from pursuing their educational goals. This commitment to student success is a testament to the college's dedication to supporting all students, regardless of their financial circumstances, in achieving their academic aspirations.

The loaner program is still growing in popularity. This past semester, the college loaned out 6,700 iPads and 5,300 HP laptops, and the numbers increase every semester, said Jim Crawford, executive director of the Office of Technology Services, shared in an interview with EdTech Magazine in February that the numbers are steadily increasing each semester.

As Lone Star College-Montgomery continues to champion innovation and inclusivity in education, the device loaner program successfully provides support for students in need, serving as a shining example of assistance while empowering them to overcome challenges and succeed in their educational journey.

For more information about Lone Star College and the device loaner program, please visit Lonestar.edu/TechConnect.

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