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Innovation begins with creative ideas. Students imagine PSYCH-O-PERATION

Picture of PSYCH-O-PERATION gameWhat happens when two creative and academically talented freshmen put innovation and creativity at the top of their list for creating a mid-term project? Professor Cherry H. Sawyerr told her students that "Innovation begins with creative ideas," at the beginning of her fall semester honors psychology class and the magic began.

Freshmen Sierra Rupert and Sophia Velasco designed a board game that entertains while teaching players about the brain. PSYCH-O-PERATION challenges player's skills and memories, challenging them to learn about psychology while having fun. PSYCH-O-PERATION covers the four brain lobes, the cerebellum and the brain stem. It requires players to associate mental diseases with corresponding areas of the brain.

Designed along the same lines as the popular board game Operation, PSYCH-O-PERATION also requires mental and physical dexterity and uses a buzzer and light bulb powered by a low-voltage circuit to signal an error or misstep.

For the final exam, Rupert and Velasco made a video that they played during the Honors Day at LSC-University Park. The name of their video is "Doctor, Doctor I'm Sick: An Insider Look at the Life of a Hypochondriac," and it fulfilled final exam requirements to create a television-show-based video production along the lines of "The Dr. Phil Show."

Pictured Freshmen Honors College Students Sierra Ruppert, Sophia Velasco and Professor Cherry Sawyerr play PSYCH-O-PERATION. 

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