LSC-University Park student awarded $40,000 per year scholarship

HOUSTON – Lone Star College-University Park student Anthony D’Souza graduated this spring with an Honors Associate of Science degree and $40,000 per year toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree at Rice University. D’Souza was awarded the prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship, which helps top community college students continue their education and makes him eligible to apply for $50,000 annually for graduate school.

“Anthony is a prime example of how LSC-University Park students start close and go far in their pursuit of higher education,” said Dr. Shah Ardalan, LSC-University Park president. “He immersed himself in advancing his college career by joining the Honors College and actively seeking opportunities to excel. As the community’s college, our goal is to bridge the gap to higher education through quality programs and competent and compassionate faculty who motivate students, like Anthony, to build their way up to higher degrees and rewarding careers.”

In addition to serving as vice president of the Student Government Association (SGA), secretary of the Student Business Organization (SBO), and peer mentor and vice president of College Affairs in the Honors College, D’Souza was accepted as an Honors College Chancellor’s Fellow. Benefits of a Chancellor’s Fellow include an Honors associate degree, an award package covering tuition and fees, up to $600 per semester for books, a $600 per semester allowance, and international travel opportunities.

“The Honors College at LSC-University Park offered me innumerable opportunities for academic research, leadership and professional development,” said D’Souza. “I was able to present at conferences around the country and build connections with experts in my field.”

D’Souza’s advises new students to become involved within the college and to aim high.

“The quality of your college experience depends largely on how much you choose to put in it,” said D’Souza. “I graduated more driven and motivated than ever as LSC-University Park has inspired me toward greater heights than I entertained during my senior year in high school, all while remaining financially secure and stable for the future.”

D’Souza will study at Rice University this fall, where he will pursue a Bachelor of Science in physics, focusing on astronomy and space science. His ultimate goal is to work as an astrophysicist with NASA or other research institutions.

D’Souza’s success and that of thousands of other students bear testament to the value and return on investment of modern community colleges. LSC-University Park offers students an affordable option for postsecondary studies in state-of-the-art facilities that demonstrate the college’s culture of innovation. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders also ensure students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in advanced postsecondary studies and today’s technological workplace. 

To learn more about the Honors College at Lone Star College and how to become an Honors College Chancellor’s Fellow, visit LoneStar.edu/HonorsCollege.

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