Lone Star College-Montgomery Celebrates Dr. Mischelle Hopper, Recipient of the “20 Outstanding Nurses of 2023” Award

Mischelle Hopper Headshot
Dr. Mischelle Hopper of Lone Star College-Montgomery was Honored as One of the '20 Outstanding Nurses of 2023' by the Texas Nurses Association, Leaving a Lasting Mark on Nursing Education and Healthcare in Texas

Lone Star College-Montgomery proudly celebrates the accomplishments of Dr. Mischelle Hopper, our Interim Dean of Natural Sciences and Health Division (NaSH), for being recognized as one of the recipients of “20 Outstanding Nurses of 2023” by the Texas Nurses Association of District 9. This esteemed award showcases Dr. Hopper’s incredible contributions to the nursing profession, which has had a positive impact on both our LSC-Montgomery nursing students and the broader healthcare community in Texas.

Mischelle Hopper’s journey to becoming a nurse is filled with passion, connection, and determination. Inspired by her mother, who has served as a nurse for an impressive 53 years, Hopper initially explored other paths before rediscovering her true calling in nursing at the age of 26. Since then, she has devoted herself wholeheartedly to the field, accumulating 27 years of experience and leaving her mark for her work on Women’s Health, ER/Trauma, and nursing education.

Her motivation comes from a continuous desire to learn and a strong passion for exploring the endless possibilities within the nursing profession. Hopper emphasizes the transformative potential of nursing education, firmly believing in its ability to positively change lives for the better. Throughout her career, Hopper’s impact on the healthcare community has been nothing short of remarkable. Her work in Women's Health has positively affected thousands of women, infants, and children, providing them with a strong foundation for a healthy life.

Beyond her clinical endeavors, Hopper's influence extends to the academic sphere, where she guides and empowers aspiring nurses. Her commitment to their education and professional development ensures they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in the field. Through her dedication, Hopper is shaping the next generation of nursing professionals, thereby leaving an enduring mark on communities and families.

Looking ahead, Hopper envisions a future where she continues to impact students in ways that resonate long after they leave Lone Star College-Montgomery. She aspires for them to view their education as an instrument of purpose, giving them the confidence and knowledge to serve as compassionate, capable nurses for years to come.

"I hope that I can continue to impact students in a way that makes them glad that they attended our program at Lone Star College," said Mischelle Hopper. "I hope they feel like we taught them what they needed to know to do this right and stay in the profession for many years. I feel like Associate Degree Nursing programs truly change students’ lives and give them opportunities they only ever dreamed of.  That, in turn, impacts their families and ultimately our communities.”

Lone Star College-Montgomery congratulates Dr. Mischelle Hopper for her impressive achievement and are honored to have her serve as a leader within the college. As a recipient of this award, she not only serves as an inspiration to current and future nurses, but also exemplifies excellence in patient care and dedication to advancing the field. We invite you to join us in honoring Dr. Mischelle Hopper's remarkable accomplishment at the 31st Anniversary of the Texas Nurses Association District 9 Foundations' Nursing Celebration Gala on Friday, November 10.

For more information about Dr. Mischelle Hopper and the “20 Outstanding Nurses of 2023” award, nursing gala and registration, please visit TNADistrict9.COM.

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