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LSC Kingwood Fine Arts Scholarship Application

*First Name:
*Last Name:
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*Home Phone:
*Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
*Planned Major:

I wish to apply for a scholarship in:

Have you applied for scholarship applications in other fine arts activities?
    If yes, explain:
I will enroll in Lone Star College Kingwood in the or semester ofyear *. I understand that if I am selected to receive a scholarship, I agree to participate in required activities for my discipline (art exhibits, theatre productions, speech and forensics tournaments, musical productions and recitals, etc.) Further, if I am involved in a production or competition, I must attend all rehearsals, performances and competitions except in case of illness, emergency, or approval of the instructor.

Academic Experience: Indicate location and dates of attendance.
*High School:
*Background: Briefly state any other experience in this area.
*Statement of goals: Briefly state your goals and future plans and their relationship to this scholarship.


Before your application can be considered you must have done all of the following:

  1. Audition or present portfolio to faculty member.
  2. Submit a letter of recommendation from a former instructor (within chosen department, if possible.)
  3. Submit a transcript of prior academic work from high school or college.
  4. Read all the conditions below and make sure you can abide by them.

In applying for this scholarship, I agree to the following conditions:

  1. I must have at time of application and maintain a 2.5 GPA.
  2. For a partial scholarship, I must register for and maintain a minimum enrollment of 6 hours during the semester (7 for Forensics students) for which the scholarship is offered.
  3. For a full scholarship, I must register for and maintain a minimum reenrollment of 12 hours during the semester for which the scholarship is offered.
  4. I must register for and maintain enrollment in at least one non-departmental, 3-hour academic course from the basic core during each semester for which a scholarship is offered.
  5. For a full scholarship, I must register for and maintain enrollment in at least 1 departmental academic course each semester. Music students must also be enrolled in a private lesson.
  6. I must participate in the activity area (e.g., theater production, music performance ensembles, art club) for which the scholarship is offered, with their specific assignment remaining the province of the departmental faculty.
  7. I will provide assistance at four Fine Arts events as arranged with Angie Sparger, Events Coordinator. Angie can be reached at 281.312.1709 or in office MUS 110. Events may include recitals, concerts, theatre productions, etc. My assistance may include ushering, ticket sales, set-up, clean-up, etc. I promise to arrive at the agreed upon time, stay until the agreed upon departure time, and to dress appropriately.
  8. All scholarships will be awarded based on the decision of the departmental faculty.
  9. I am eligible for a Fine Arts Scholarship for 4 semesters.

By typing your name in the box below (Electronic Signature), I certify that this form is my agreement that if I do not fulfill the terms of this agreement, an academic hold will be placed on my grades until I have repaid the scholarship fund for the full amount of money received or for the number of hours dropped below the amount of tuition I received.

Failure to meet these conditions while on scholarship will result in deferring eligibility for a scholarship for one semester. Failure to meet these conditions during the semester will result in having to repay a portion of my scholarship. Meeting the conditions entitles the student to apply for a renewal of the scholarship for the following semester.

*Electronic Signature:

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