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TSIA2 Preparation

The Extended Learning Center provides practice tests, other resources and free tutoring to help you prepare for  TSIA2 placement testing. We will help with TSIA2 Prep during any of our open hours--see details below. (Call for hours during school holidays--832-559-4240.) There are several resources listed below for you to work on independently, but you may also meet with our tutors for help with specific topics or questions. We can work with you in person during our regular hours or we can coordinate virtual appointments as needed. Email LSC-TELC@LoneStar.edu to make an appointment or to get more information.

TSI Prep Fall 2022: Math
Monday - Thursday 9am-6pm in the Math Center
Friday- Saturday 10am-2pm in the Math Center
TSI Prep Fall 2022: Reading & Writing

9am-4pm in the ELC

Friday 10am-2pm in the ELC

For more information or to request an appointment with a tutor, please email

You can view any of the following documents:

There are additional resources provided by the company that houses TSIA2. Go to this website: 


If you have tested before you will have a Learning Locator Code on your score sheet. If not, just click "Enter the Student Site" and start working on your areas of challenge. 

Additional TSI Practice Tests

Mometrix.com TSI Practice Test 

TSI Prep Course

TSI Practice Tests

TSI Math Practice

For help with the TSI Math try these practice materials.

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