LSC-University Park Dual Credit

Lone Star College University Park Dual Credit

Dual Credit is an opportunity for high school students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. Students demonstrating college readiness through a college placement exam can earn college and high school credits in the same course by attending classes at their high school, on a Lone Star campus and/or online. We partner with independent school districts, charter schools, private schools and homeschool parents to offer courses in the core curriculum, foreign languages and workforce education.  

Important Dates & Upcoming Events

Upcoming Dual Credit Information Sessions (In-Person Events)

  • Tuesday, February 13 from 6-7pm
  • Monday, March 18 from 1-2pm
  • Wednesday, April 17 from 11am-12pm

Please email UP-DualCredit@LoneStar.edu to register to attend! You will be sent a confirmation of your registration with the exact event location. All sessions to be held at LSC-UP (20515 SH 249, Houston, TX).

If you cannot attend, please view our general Information Session presentation for additional information and reach out to us with questions! 


General Information on Class Start Dates, Payment Deadlines and More!

LSC Academic Calendar  |  LSC Important Dates
Email UP-DualCredit@LoneStar.edu with questions regarding the academic calendar, drop dates or deadlines.


Enrollment Deadlines for Summer 2024 and Fall 2024

LSC-University Park is utilizing a digital Enrollment Form beginning in Summer 2024 (and onward). Connect with your school's Dual Credit Counselor, or if Homeschooled reach out to UP-DualCredit@LoneStar.edu, to obtain the link to the Enrollment Form. All students must adhere to their school's enrollment deadlines (which may differ from LSC-UP's general overall enrollment deadlines listed on the charts below). Scroll Down and click on your school's page for guidelines for your particular school.

Date Summer 2024 Important Information
2/19/2024 Summer 2024 Class Schedule Viewable in https://my.lonestar.edu Account (Student Tile>Manage Classes Tile>Class Search); Enrollment Form Opens
5/3/2024 Last Day for Students to Submit Enrollment Form for May Mini Enrollment
5/8/2024 Last Day for May Mini Schedule Changes (for Students Enrolled by 5/3/2024)
5/12/2024 May Mini Payment Deadline
5/24/2024 Last Day for Students to Submit Enrollment Form for Summer I or II 
5/29/2024 Last Day for Summer I/II Schedule Changes (for Students Enrolled by 5/24/2024)
6/2/2024 Summer I/II Payment Deadline




Date Fall 2024 Important Information
3/27/2024 Fall 2024 Class Schedule Viewable in https://my.lonestar.edu Account (Student Tile>Manage Classes>Class Search); Enrollment Form Opens
5/31/2024 Last Day for Students to Submit Enrollment Form for the Fall Semester
8/16/2024 Last Day for Fall 2024 Schedule Changes (for Students Enrolled by 5/31/2024)
8/25/2024 Fall 2024 Payment Deadline


Dual Credit Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for dual credit, students must:

  • Get approval from your high school counselor or homeschool administrator.
  • Complete the LSC admission application at LoneStar.edu/Admissions.
  • Meet all course prerequisites and minimum college readiness test scores in reading, writing and/or math for enrolled courses. View placement scores at LoneStar.edu/DualCredit-TSI.
  • Complete all required enrollment paperwork available under the Partner Schools Section below and have it approved by your High School Dual Credit Counselor. 
  • Maintain a final grade of C or better in all dual credit courses in order to enroll in subsequent courses.

LSC Dual Credit vs. LSC College Credit Cost Comparison
Dual Credit students receive a tuition waiver and only pay for the fees associated with their class. The complete Tuition & Fee Schedule can be found at LoneStar.edu/Tuition.  

Credit Hours LSC Dual Credit In-District (Fees Only) LSC College Credit (Tuition) Savings
1 $40 $103 $63
2 $80 $206 $126
3 $120 $309 $189
4 $160 $412 $252
5 $200 $515 $315
6 $240 $618 $378

Approved Dual Credit Courses

Determination that a college course meets the high school TEKS/learning outcomes for a particular high school course is the responsibility of the school district or private/charter/home school. The Lone Star College does not identify courses as meeting any particular TEA requirements for high school graduation. Lone Star College has designed dual credit courses to the meet the TEKS, but additional outcomes required by any school/district will need to be supplemented by that school/district. All decisions regarding a student's high school graduation plan should be determined by their school counselor/administrator. Offering a dual credit course remains the decision of each Independent School District. A course that is listed does not automatically grant an ISD approval to offer a course.

View a list of our currently approved Dual Credit courses.

Contact Information

For General Inquires, email UP-DualCredit@LoneStar.edu

Klein ISD, Harmony Public Schools, School of Science & Technology, iSchool @ University Park, Private & Homeschool Student Contacts:

Gabrielle Bullard
Specialist IV, Dual Credit
Gabrielle.I.Bullard@LoneStar.edu  |  346-395-3282  |  Office: B12.706

Bobby Britton, Jr.
Advisor II, School Partnerships
Bobby.BrittonJr@LoneStar.edu  |  346.416.6623  |  Office: B12.706

Allison Wallace
Part Time Advisor, School Partnerships
Allison.Wallace@LoneStar.edu  |  281.290.3754  |  Office: B12.706


Program Manager/Administrator Contacts:

Deirdre Barry
Manager, Dual Credit
Deirdre.B.Barry@LoneStar.edu  |  281.290.5076  |  Office: B12.706

LSC-University Park Partner Schools

Public ISDs
Klein ISD Harmony Public Schools School of Science & Technology

Early College High School
iSchool High-University Park Klein ISD-Vistas Early College High School

Private Schools
Private High Schools Homeschools

Resources and Forms

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