LSC-University Park Anthropology Department

Learn What it Means to be Human!

woman viewing a skull with a magnifying glass

Interested in the human existence how we came to be, and where we are headed? Anthropology classes can help you enhance the lives of others by gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior. Check out these LSC-University Park Anthropology classes:

ANTH 2301 Physical Anthropology

The biological and cultural study of humans through the examination of biocultural adaptations, and how anthropology can be used to solve health and medical problems in cultures around the world.

ANTH 2302 Introduction to Archeology

An introduction to the study of the human past through material remains.

ANTH 2346 General Anthropology

An anthropological survey course examining humans through antecedents, related primates, and their cultural behaviors and institutions.

ANTH 2351 Cultural Anthropology

Explores cultural diversity through the study of contemporary and recent groups of humans including their social, religious, economic, and political organization.

Department Contacts

Sara Whalen
Department Chair
Office: 13.809

David Gaer
Instructional Dean
Office: 12.603C

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