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LSC-Montgomery English Department

What is English?

student with backpack on desk in a classroomEnglish classes range from developmental reading and writing, to college-level freshman classes including composition and rhetoric, technical and creative writing to sophomore literature. Several classes are offered via LSC-Online. Technology is an integral part of the classroom experience.


What We Value.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds, with multi-faceted needs, and hopes for an education. As teachers, we value lifelong and academic literacies, hoping to inspire students to seek knowledge for its own sake and solve problems for personal and practical applications. Because we are experienced guides, we urge students to take agency and control of their learning, but we also hope to become partners in this learning. We wish to help them understand themselves as students at various stages of their education and show them how to make choices for their education, whether on campus or through LSC-Online.

English faculty teach a variety of courses and serve on numerous committees dealing with a broad range of issues, including: curriculum, district and campus initiatives, Achieving the Dream, faculty development, assessment, International Education, Writing across the Curriculum, Swirl (our Zine), Writers in Performance, Sigma Kappa Delta (English honors society), sponsorship of student organizations, and much more.

Faculty & Staff

Name Phone Office
Brandy Harvey
936.273.7265 Brandy.A.Harvey@LoneStar.edu G-120B
Beverley Turner
Chair, English and Developmental English
936.273.7226 Beverley.Turner@LoneStar.edu G-221A
Simone Andrade
936.271.6189 Simone.D.Andrade@LoneStar.edu G-121I

Kirk Cochran

936.271.6373 Kirk.Cochran@LoneStar.edu  G-121M
EuraDell Davis
936.271.6335 EuraDell.D.Davis@LoneStar.edu
Melissa Dennis
936.273.7326 Melissa.H.Dennis@LoneStar.edu  G-220A
Ron Heckelman
936.273.7023 Ronald.J.Heckelman@LoneStar.edu G-221I
Cliff Hudder
936.273.7399 Clifford.W.Hudder@LoneStar.edu G-120F
Lori Hughes
936.273.7005 Lori.R.Hughes@lonestar.edu G-220I
Martina Kusi-Mensah
936.273.7276 Martina.S.Kusi-Mensah@lonestar.edu G-121J
Molly Lasco
936.271.6334 Mary.Lasco@lonestar.edu G-121C
Ulysses Mack
936.271.6337 Ulysses.B.Mack@lonestar.edu G-121D
Lana Myers
936.273.7053 Lana.C.Myers@lonestar.edu G-221G
Basnagoda Rahula
936.273.7347 Basnagoda.Rahula@lonestar.edu G-121F
Roy Turner
936.273.7465 Roy.D.Turner@lonestar.edu G-121G
Haley Stoner
936.271.2439 Haley.K.Stoner@lonestar.edu G-220-H
David Wickham
936.273.7279 David.W.Wickham@lonestar.edu G-221J
David Zimmermann
936.273.7267 David.H.Zimmermann@lonestar.edu G-121L



Academic Integrity Brochure (PDF)

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