Office of the General Counsel

Welcome to Lone Star College's Office of the General Counsel web page. The Office of the General Counsel provides information and related services to the Lone Star College and its component campuses and centers. To best meet the needs of our complex constituency, our office assumes a variety of roles.

The Office of the General Counsel strives to provide timely and responsible legal advice regarding the expansive array of legal issues that face a thriving, modern, public community college system, such as Lone Star College. Our office addresses existing and potential legal matters in order to help the College continue to be the premier institution of higher education.

All matters requiring legal advice or legal action should be referred to the Office of the General Counsel.

Important Information

Notice: This site is intended to be used by employees of Lone Star College in their official capacities. It is not intended to provide personal legal advice to any individual or entity.

Contact Information 

Name Position Phone
Nancy Molina Vice Chancellor of Legal Affairs and General Counsel Nancy.M.Molina@LoneStar.edu 832-813-6761
Britney Brown Deputy General Counsel Britney.Brown@LoneStar.edu 832-813-6896
Timothy T. Stewart Associate General Counsel Timothy.Stewart@LoneStar.edu 832-246-0060
Christina Wood Senior Legal Counsel Christina.Wood@LoneStar.edu 832-813-6645
Davion White Assistant General Counsel Davion.White@LoneStar.edu 832-813-6864
Sonia López Assistant General Counsel Sonia.Lopez@LoneStar.edu 832-813-6584
Stephen Stack Assistant General Counsel Stephen.Stack@LoneStar.edu 832-813-6774
Brooke Curry Paralegal I Brooke.T.Curry@LoneStar.edu 832-813-6576
Esai Salazar Paralegal I Esai.Salazar@LoneStar.edu  832-813-6739
Laura Standlee Administrative Assistant I Laura.M.Standlee@LoneStar.edu 832-813-6779
Lorenzo Tolbert Legal Fellow Lorenzo.Tolbert@LoneStar.edu  832-813-6295

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