LSC-Tomball Geography Department

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The Social Science Department offers lower-level Geography courses that are fully transferable, fulfill certain Associate Degree requirements, and satisfy basic Certificate of Competency requirements.  World Regional Geography offers students a survey of human activity within the context of its regional setting, with a primary focus on economic development, the cultural, physical, and political dynamics at work within each region. 

Our Geography program discusses what geography is and what geographers do in a professional capacity. Courses in this area explore the role of geography in facilitating thinking and observations of the Earth and the Human Landscape in spatial terms.  Experienced, qualified adjunct faculty provide instruction in small traditional face-to-face classes and online classes. LSC-Tomball offers sections of the following courses to undergraduate students:

GEOG 1303 World Regional Geography
GEOG 1302 Human Geography

Contact for more information: 

Alice Ferron-Gabriele
Department Chair

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