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The Lone Star College-University Park Geography Department offers students a transferable World Geography course that explores the earth’s diverse landscapes, economic development and the cultural, physical and political dynamics at work within different regions of the globe.

A valuable addition to any degree plan, geography studies are for students interested in world affairs, culture, and understanding the characteristics of places around the world.  Experienced and qualified faculty provide instruction in small, traditional face-to-face classes and online. 

GEOG 1301: Physical Geography

This course introduces students to the processes that drive Earth's physical systems. Students will explore the relationships among these physical systems, with emphasis on weather and climate, water, ecosystems, geologic processes and landform development, and human interactions with the physical environment.

GEOG 1302: Human Geography

This course introduces students to fundamental concepts, skills, and practices of human geography. Place, space, and scale serve as a framework for understanding patterns of human experience. Topics for discussion may include globalization, population and migration, culture, diffusion, political and economic systems, language, religion, gender, and ethnicity.

GEOG 1303: World Regional Geography

This course is an introduction to the world's major regions seen through their defining physical, social, cultural, political, and economic features. These regions are examined in terms of their physical and human characteristics and their interactions. The course emphasizes relations among regions on issues such as trade, economic development, conflict, and the role of regions in the globalization process. International Studies Area of Concentration course.

GEOG 2389: Academic Cooperative in Geography

An instructional program designed to integrate on-campus study with practical hands-on experience in Geography.

Department Contacts

Jermaine Johnson, Ph.D. 
Department Chair
Office: 12.726

Dave Gaer
Dean of Instruction
Office: 12.603C

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