LSC-Tomball Kinesiology Department

                                                                     KINE courses are now PHED
  • Looking for Kinesiology classes? Find them in the PHED list of courses. 
  • PHED 1164 Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness is a health-based cardio and resistance training course of the new core curriculum of LSC.
    • We offer this course in the following formats:
      • Face to Face
      • Hybrid: Students exercise and complete class assignments on their own off of campus. Written exams and physical assessments are performed during campus visits; this may involve up to four visits during the course. 
      • Online: Students fulfill the exercise requirements, class assignments and physical assessments on their own while meeting established criteria for each. 

The Lone Star College Tomball Department of tomball kinesiology in action
Kinesiology curriculum includes some of the most offerings among the colleges of the Lone
Star College System. Lone Star Collegeľ
Tomball includes indoor fitness courses as well as
multiple outdoor activities.

Classes Offered     

  • PHED 1114: Aerobics                                   
  • PHED  1125/2125: Tennis                         
  • PHED  1128*: Yoga                          
  • PHED  1130: Tai Chi (Self-Defense Style Class)
  • PHED  1164: Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness            
  • PHED  1164: Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness: Weight Training Emphasis 
  • PHED 1304: Personal / Community Health        
  • PHED  1306: First Aid & Safety    

Teaching Locations

  • Lone Star College - Tomball Wellness Center

Faculty and Staff
Bruce D. Zarosky, M.Ed.
Chair, Kinesiology
Phone: 281.351.3355
Office: N 109B

Mary Dorease Bruner 
Wellness Center Staff Assistant
Phone: 281.357.3635
Office: N 104


Dr. Megan Mariveles
Interim Dean, Health and Sciences
HSB 301F

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