Do I need a student parking permit?

  • Students and Visitors no longer need to register their vehicle or obtain a permit. Students and Visitors are to park in student parking areas only.


When does the semester start?

  • The Process Technology Center is the home of the Process Technology Program.  Please see program information for details.

Does the LSC-Process Technology Center offer classes online?

PTAC Online Classes Include:

  • PTAC 1302- Introduction to Process Technology
  • PTAC 1308- Safety, Health, and Environment
  • HRDR 1391- Special Topics Hydraulics Technology
  • PTAC 2314- Principles of Quality
  • PTRT 2343- Refining Methods

What is EDUC 1300?

  • A study of the research and theory in the psychology of learning, cognition, and motivation; factors that impact learning, and application of learning strategies. Theoretical models of strategic learning, cognition, and motivation serve as the conceptual basis for the introduction of college-level student academic strategies. Students use assessment instruments (e.g., learning inventories) to help them identify their own strengths and weaknesses as strategic learners. Students are ultimately expected to integrate and apply the learning skills discussed across their own academic programs and become effective and efficient learners. Students developing these skills should be able to continually draw from the theoretical models they have learned. Prerequisite: None
  • All first time college students must enroll in EDUC 1300 during their first semester at Lone Star College to complete an Associate Degree.

Does the LSC-Process Technology Center have summer classes?

  • LSC-Process Technology Center offers 10-week Summer Courses to complete your degree plan. Please check the website for the most updated information on course offerings.


Where can I get my books?

All orders for books and supplies must be placed online. All physical bookstore locations are closed. Payments for online ordering can be made via major credit cards and most forms of financial aid.  

Course sections may use different textbooks for the same class type, so please refer to your syllabus, before ordering online to ensure that you purchase the appropriate learning materials. Textbooks, electronics, clothing, and other supplies can be purchased directly online when selecting your campus location. 

Please note LSC-University Center textbooks are included with LSC-Montgomery.

For questions or concerns, please call:

B&N Central Warehouse
Phone: 281.618.5699
Fax:     281.618.1129
Email:  SM8289@bncollege.com

Order Textbooks Online

Where can I pay for my classes?

  • You may pay your classes through the Finances tab on your myLonestar account.
  • To make payments in person, please visit the LSC-Atascocita Center or LSC-Kingwood Campus for more information.

Where is the Financial Aid Office?

  • For questions on Financial Aid, please visit the Atascocita Center or Kingwood Campus. Financial Aid Advisors are available in Student Services
  • Financial Aid Center - Phone: 281.290.2700

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